The Blush That Looks Good with EVERYTHING


Over the winter I’ve shied away from blush and only started using bronzer to get some colour to my face. Now that spring is upon us I broke out some old favourites. I wear it with any outfit, any lip colour and any eyeshadow combination. It is a lifesaver when I am in a time pinch.

It is the Tarte Amazonian 12 hour Clay Blush in Exposed. I really enjoy this blush because it has the right amount of pink and brown that isn’t overpowering in any way. It is a matte blush that gives a little flush and warmth into the cheeks. I would even go and call it a ‘nude’ blush’.

I find this blush soft and easy to work with. The presentation is gorgeous as are all Tarte products. I think products like these will work on all skin types and colours. If you are looking for a versatile blush that is quick and light, I would highly recommend this one. When I hit pan on this blush I will definitely buy an individual one.

What are some of your go-to blushes and beauty products? Is there one that I NEED TO HAVE in my life? Leave them in the comments below!tarteexposed1tarteexposed

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