Jeremy Loops DOWN SOUTH

Today was my official last day of exams! I am now jamming to my summer tunes as we speak. One tune in particular that is currently on repeat is Jeremy Loops’ Down South (ft. Motheo Moleko).

I love me some Jeremy Loops. In this particular song he is joined by Motheo Moleko in what could be the catchiest modern folk song I’ve ever heard. I watched a live version of this song on SBTV where Jeremy uses a loop pedal and absolutely smashes it! I cannot help but swing my hips when I listen to this song. The chorus and melodies fuel my soul and it perfectly compliments Moleko’s verse. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone make the harmonica look so damn good. I highly recommend any of Jeremy’s songs.

I first found Jeremy on Soundcloud and later saw him in Ben Brown’s vlogs in South Africa. You can catch a glimpse of Jeremy’s impromptu music contemplations and some great banter between them all so check it out! I will be going on a binge watch now that school is out. If you have any music recommendations leave them in the comments below!

*live simply, love lightly, laugh loudly*

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