AA Disco Pants Revisited


Alright, so a little more than a year ago I posted a review on the American Apparel Disco Pants. To this day it is still one of my most read posts so I thought I would bring it back.

I am still in love with these pants after a year. They are such a good alternative to jeans or trousers and I love the texture and shiny reflective quality it gets in the sunlight. I think these pants can work in a multitude of outfits. I enjoy pairing these with a basic slouchy top and a feminine jacket or kimono that I am wearing here.

discopantsrevised5discopantsrevised6I did get a medium and it is slightly loose around my waist (but that is after losing some weight since I purchased them). I have bigger legs than the average 5’3” person so I am used to jeans and pants fitting that way. I would fit in a small but I personally don’t like getting those seam lines indented on my legs after a long day.

I like how these are high waisted with small pockets on the bum. I think it is really flattering for many body types. I did notice a fuzzy patch on one leg where my Dr. Martens rubbed against them so if you are worried about that it is something to consider. The patch is small and near my ankle so I am not worried, everywhere else is in perfect condition. If American Apparel decides to open up another warehouse sale in Toronto you bet I will get another pair.

I am also looking into getting a pair of jean shorts or a skirt so let me know what you think of other AA products. I would love to hear about what you love in the comments! Have a great weekend!

discopantsrevised3 discopantsrevised4

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