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Untitled #165

Untitled #165 by arieltegelan featuring jewelry

            Ever since I was little I wanted to be a bohemian princess. It could be because I was named after a fictional mermaid but the dream stuck. I love everything whimsical and light yet grungy and cutthroat (a weird combination but whatever). I am so excited for warm weather so I can finally be that beachy goddess. But how can I be a Bohemian Sea Goddess without my treasure? Lyla Loves has some amazing jewelry and accessories that have helped me find my inner siren. Beware! This will be a long one!

            Lyla Loves necklaces are by far the best I have seen for amazing prices. I love layering and stacking my jewelry because I think it makes a boring casual outfit to new levels. I love the waterfall effect with multilayered necklaces. And it makes styling super simple. These are some of my favourites.

I love the mix of textures in the Gold and White Semi Precious necklace. That tassel is fabulous in combination with the light pink stones.

I am a sucker for silver coin necklaces. This Silver Ethnic necklace is the first one to catch my eye. Over a plain white t-shirt this will look effortless. These chains make the necklace look so intricate but I love how there is only one clasp in the back. It makes my mornings so much easier.

This silver multilayered necklace has a marbled stone in it. How can you not love that? I love gold and marble so this is an obvious win. I cannot just leave it there! I need it in my life!

I need a dream catcher necklace in my life. It would be perfect for my bohemian dreams. I love the mix of gold and silver in this piece. The teal makes it perfect for summer but isn’t too overpowering. The double chain has me rooked.

I not only love stacking necklaces, I also love stacking rings. I love simple rings like the Gold Double Curve ring. On me I think they elongate my small tiny hands. So simple and easily overlooked. This is a staple.

Crystal rings will always fascinate me. If I punch someone with this will I transfer my mystical powers? Well, there is no doubt this ring is gorgeous.

These blue and purple-stacked rings could be the loves of my life. How amazing is that purple V? These better com in XS. I need some new knuckle rings.

Holographic stone practically hypnotizes me. It practically screams ‘BUY MEEEE’. *Casually put them into my cart*

How else can I be ready for summer without a Palm Tree scarf? The colours in this scarf are amazing. It has subtle colour without being too in your face. It is practically grunge-ified for me!

The last two pieces are, for me, a staple this season. Fringe bags. Need I say more? I live for gold studs.


Are you still with me? I think I may have gotten carried away with on the Lyla Loves website. But I cannot contain myself! This wish list has gone on for way too long. So if you want to be a gorgeous bohemian babe (or wish to become one like me) I highly recommend checking out Lyla Loves. You will not regret it because they have free shipping too!. Now…. Let me just check how my bank account is doing…Untitled #166

 Untitled #166 by arieltegelan featuring jewelry

*live simply, love lightly, laugh loudly*

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