Aveeno Fresh Essentials

aveenofreshessentials Before starting this beauty blog the only brand of skincare I would use are from Aveeno. Myself and the brand have grew since them and so to make up for lost times I decided to try Aveenos new line #FreshEssentials. My first impression of this line is everything smells amazing. I was surprised at how little of The Daily Exfoliating Scrub I need to cleanse my face. A little squeeze on the tips of your fingers will do the job. I find this cleanser really mild and non-irritating. The natural luffa is very fine so it can be used multiple times a week. The Daily Nourishing Moisturizer scent is to me the most long lasting. I’ve gotten a few compliments on how my face (sans makeup) smells. That is a new one! This feels very luxurious and rich for a day moisturizer and has a whipped texture. From what experienced, it leaves no residue and sinks well into my parched skin. I was more impressed with the Hydrating Night Cream. This cream sinks into my skin before my head hits the pillow, which is the cause of most of my breakouts. I can feel the product putting goodness into my skin. I can always trust Aveeno to come out with great products. These are slightly on the pricy side for drugstore but good quality products have a price. Keep your essentials fresh with Aveeno’s Fresh Essentials.

*live simply, love lightly, laugh loudly*

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