Daniel Wellington Dreams

http___makeagif.com__media_2-07-2015_Dbt7jzI am not an avid buyer of watches. I never seem find one that I am completely in love with until a little over a year ago I found Daniel Wellington. I have never seen a watch more chic and sophisticated. I can definitely see myself styling this watch everyday. With the help from William May, here is my Daniel Wellingtion Wish list!

Glasgow is a place I always wanted to visit. And with this watch I can do so around the clock! Navy is one of the only colours I wear regularly and when it is paired alongside white it is a match made in heaven. The fabric strap is a good way to stay casual and preppy.Saint Andrews reminds me of a grandfathers old watch. The worn light brown leather carries a story of the past. I think we have all have/had grandparents who are never seen without a wristwatch. When I see this weathered watch I see loved ones and old stories. Something that will be passed down for generations to come.Sheffield is one of my favourite styles out of this bunch because it is just so classic and timeless. The black straps are very versatile for everyday and gold hardware is my favourite to wear. The styles with the ticked numbers are my favourite as opposed to the diamonds. I think the ticks give it an old school authenticity that is showcased with the minimalist style.The Bristol was the first style I spotted a year and a half ago and fell in love. This style features gold hardware with rough brown-almost black straps. It is softer in appearance than the Sheffield’s all black aesthetic but I believe it is such a great staple weekends and small outings.If I could have one of these Daniel Wellington watches I would be ecstatic. I cannot stop checking out other bloggers and finding out what they style it with. William May has such a good range of watches from other brands alongside DW. I would suggest checking them out if you like vintage jewelry as well. I loved sharing with you some items I have been eying. What is on your wish list at the moment?

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