Get Twiggy with It!


After many years, I have finally found a drugstore mascara that I am in love with from the very start. I am a firm believer that bushy bristles and time make the most of your mascara. But boy, was I wrong.

Maybelline is known for their Falsies mascara. And I do like their fat hair spoolie and I do believe after the formula dried up a little bit it worked better on my lashes. When they came out with Lash Sensational I was skeptical but also in dire need of a new mascara.

The first time I tired this I was actually amazed. It has a silicone brush which I normally hate but this time it worked. This mascara killed both of my mascara stigmas. The brush is small and fits around my eyelid to get to the roots with ease. The waterproof formula is smudge proof and extremely long lasting. I get a little volume and a lot of length in my lashes that make it perfect for my everyday use.

I can even do my bottom lashes without having to break out the makeup remover. I will be sticking to drugstore mascaras for a while. You really cannot beat the price and result. I can finally say I have reached Twiggy status *fist pump*

*live simply, love lightly, laugh loudly*

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