The Tuck


Lets talk about fashion trends for a bit. No I will not tell you about what cut of trouser to wear or what print scarf is on trend. Today I will be letting you in on a little fashion tip that anyone can do: The Hair Tuck.

It sounds simple and it is. You know when you put on your turtleneck or sweater over you head and you hair gets stuck inside the neck hole? Yeah? Well keep it tucked in and leave it! It is effortless and chic what more can you ask for. (As an added bonus it will keep you warm)

Instant posh for no money at all. How do you style your hair tuck?

*live simply, love lightly, laugh loudly*

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4 thoughts on “The Tuck

  1. Angela Q

    Haha I’ve never thought about this! Your photos definitely look chic. Will try this next time I put a sweater/scarf over 😛

    Just followed you on twitter and instagram. Hope you will check out my blog too! Fellow CBB 🙂

    Raincouver Beauty

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