Am I Primed for It?


*blushes * I know! I know! This could be a tricky subject but I swear I am talking about Too Faced products. Keep you mind out of the gutters! Today I wanted to share with you some new products that I have incorporated into my makeup bag, The Too Faced Primed For Sex primer and lash duo kit. I recently run out of my previous mascara and primer so this was right up my alley.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer is a keeper for me. It is really light and dries matte. When I put it on my lids it feels invisible. I absolutely hate it when primers feel thick and crumbly because I would have to put on my shadows on top of that –not a good look at all. I did notice that it’s a bit watery on the first couple of uses but it works like a charm.

I’ve heard a lot about the Better Than Sex mascara. Is it better than sex? I can’t tell at the moment. What I find with mascaras is they get better with age. Right now it is way too runny for my liking. My lashes do look great but I cannot wait until it gets to a good consistency. Nothing a couple pumps couldn’t fix.amiprimedforit2

*live simply, love lightly, laugh loudly*

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