My Advent Calendar

myadvent calander

Hello everyone! I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and eat until your buttons popped. I know I did. Since today is Boxing Day I didn’t want to do a full on blog post so instead I thought I would share with you all of the nail polishes from my Ciate Advent Calendar. I will not have to buy nail polishes in the new year that is for sure.


Nail Polish:

Snow Globe- Clear/silver glitter

Boudoir- True Red

Hoopla- Light Pink

Hopscotch- Orange

Sugar Plum- Lilac

Kiss Chase- Pink

Amazing Gracie- Baby Pink

Loop the Loop- Yellow

Hidden Gem- Yellow/Green

Party Shoes- Gold Glitter

Chinchilla- Creamy Blue

Members Only- Satin Pink Shimmer

Knickerbockerglory- Hot Pink

Iced Frappe- Nude/Grey

Apple and Custard- Creamy Green

Pillow Fight- Blue/Grey

Talent Scout- Purple


Caviar Pearls

Ice Queen- Silver and Light Purple balls

Deck the Nails- Red and Gold balls



Glitter All the Way- Gold micro glitter



Mistletoe Magic- Green/Gold and Red sequins


Mystery Gift:

Bow Bracelet

Mini Nail Files


I will have a New Years Makeup tutorial going up next week as well as a haul so stay tuned for those exciting things! Happy Holidays!


2 thoughts on “My Advent Calendar

  1. Rose

    Those are all so pretty! Which one’s your favorite? I didn’t have time to get an advent calendar this year but I’m really hoping to next year! I think it’d be fun to make one and swap with someone else as well. Hopefully I’ll remember to pitch that idea haha. xx

    • ariella052195

      I love snow globe on top of EVERYTHING! And I am currently putting on Pillow Fight. That is a really good idea, remember to pitch that again when the sea on comes around!

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