The Black Ripped Jean


It has been a while since I did a fashion review. I held off for a while because I wanted it to be something current and readily available. That is now happening with the Topshop Jamie Jeans with ripped knees.

I think every blogger has these jeans. I’ve seen them on everyone and the ripped knee trend seems to be sticking around. Believe it or not but this is my first pair of all black jeans! Crazy right? I am absolutely in love and Topshop jeans fit amazingly.

The fit of these jeans are very flattering. It is mid rise so you get a bit of coverage in troubled areas and the materials is super soft compared to other brands. I am surprised the rips held up as good as they did. I expected my while thigh to burst apart but the rips are still intact and flattering. Stings have started to loosen but it gives the jeans more character and appeal.

I am not in search for some more black jeans because I love these so much. I find myself wearing my Topshop jean jacket from last year a lot more and I find black jeans and this jacket look great together. I am not sure if I can rock the denim on denim look just yet so this is perfect for me. These jeans are a dream 5 out of 5.


blackrippedjeans3blackrippedjeans4 blackrippedjeans5

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2 thoughts on “The Black Ripped Jean


    I’m seriously so obsessed with mine that I went back and bought some in blue as well! I think I need to make yet another trip pretty soon… Hahaha

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