September Instagram Favourites


This months Instagram favourites are some of my favourite bloggers and youtubers of all time. You have seen their faces practically everywhere and they do not see my be slowing down.



Zoe Sugg is probably one of the most successful youtubers ever! Her face is on multiple magazines and she’s done multiple tv appearances already. I am so happy to hear that she has more things her way. With her book Girl Online and the Zoella Beauty launching, it is clear the Zoella fanbase cannot get enough! Myself included.



Aloha Sprinklearinos! Let me tell you about how much I love Louise. She is smart, sexy, beautiful and hilarious. All the best qualities I would want in a best friend. When watching Louise’s videos I feel as if I AM her best friend. She feels so tangible and real to me and I love it when I can see her answer messages on her tumblr. It is so nice to see people interact with other people and fan bases. Louise, if you ever read this, YOU ARE AMAZING!!! (<<<See? I put 3 exclamation marks to make it real)

These beautiful ladies are literally some of my favourite people in the world. If I were to ever meet any of them I would be ecstatic! I am so happy for these girls and hope they have more great things to come!

If you have any Instagram recommends let me know! I am always up for finding new people.

*live simply, love lightly, laugh loudly*

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