DiorSkin Nude BB Creme


While looking for a new foundation, I stumbled on the DiorSkin Nude BB Crème. After seeing other bloggers rave about this product, I wanted to see if this BB Crème is worth the hype. Here is what I thought!

The packaging is gorgeous to start off with. However, I am not over the moon about the pump and tube combo. Lets just say that it will very difficult near the end of the tube. I may have to get surgical.

I purchased this BB Crème in the shade 02. It is definitely my summer shade and I hope to try out 01 in the fall when I get paler. The shade range is quite small but with a BB Crème, you can go a few shades from your natural.

This BB Crème is the closest thing to a foundation without being able to call it a foundation. If you like a full coverage, this would be a great alternative for a heavy foundation. For the coverage you get, this crème is the lightest feel. I enjoy the nice glow I get from this product. The finish is fresh and dewy. I would not wear this during the dead of summer heat because I find I get shiny with this product on. With a product like this, I would tend to wear it when my skin is dry or not as oily.

I really like this product for days when I need a bit more coverage. I will be trying out a lighter shade as I am not getting as much sun as per usual. I will be using up this product before my winter skin emerges.

This product is a 4 out of 5 from me! My skin has never looked better!


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