May Instagram Favourites


These bloggers were on my Instagram Favourites List for a very long time and now it is time for me to share them with you!



The first blogger is a new YouTuber and longtime blogger, Niomi Smart. Lady Smart shows off her chic sense of fashion and knack for fitness on her Instagram. She is a great role model and such an inspiration to get back on the health train!

creme1 creme2

I am absolutely in love with this next bloggers life/Instagram! It is Cremdelachic! I mean how awesome is that name? Her pictures are amazing they are practically picture perfect (Er… or Instagram perfect you might say)! I found her blog through her Instagram so trust me when I say this, you won’t be disappointed.

These were my May Instagram Favourites. I hope you enjoy this series. If you see any other Instagrams accounts worth talking about link me them down below! Also, do not forget to follow my own Instagram! See you soon!

*live simply, love lightly, laugh loudly*

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