Well these past couple of weeks have been crazy! I an quite upset because I have been finding it quite difficult to sit down and write to you all recently. There are so many ideas going around in my head throughout the day but once I sit by my laptop all my thoughts seem to disappear. Within the last couple of months I have been taking on a lot of new responsibilities -one of which I will be sharing with you today!

I have been a part of Couturesque Magazine for a couple of months now and it surprises me that I haven’t already told you all. I got the chance to do some writing for the magazine whose first print should be launching later this year. I hope you have a gander around the website. There are some really cool things so you should come and join the community! The graphic are great and the content is impeccable! Be sure to tweet me and all that jazz if you do! I would love your feedback! Also, let me know what you want to see on Ariebea! More fashion, beauty, music, lifestyle or tutorials? You name it, I do it! (As long as it is legal and no one get injured!) Be sure to keep up to date with me on my social media! Talk to you soon!

*live simply, love lightly, laugh loudly*

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