A Review: EOS Lip Balm Blueberry Acai

I am really late on this trend but when I saw the Blueberry Acai flavor of the Eos lip balms I could not resist myself. The Eos balm is known for its ball shaped products that are blowing up all over the world.

Lets start with the packaging. On a creative standpoint this product is great. It is very unique and good for branding. I do, however, find it quite awkward to use this lip balm because of the odd shape.  I feel like this lip balm is a strange (dare I say it) nipple shape and it is quite awkward to put on in public. I did do some research and found they have stick versions in the some of the same flavours and original matte finish packaging. But they are only in select flavours. Check if your favourite is available!

The Blueberry Acai balm smells like artificial blueberries with a sweet kick. I personally love the smell. It is transparent and hydrating but doesn’t stick around for too long. My lips feel supple immediately after application but the hydration does not stay for long, a couple of hours at least. I use this product quite a lot and am already finding the product changing shape and leaving a flat top. I really do not want the shape to morph into something weird by the end of its use. This is why I love stick balms. I can usually get the very ends of the balm with a lip brush and continue to use it occasionally. I do not believe I can do this with the Eos balm sadly. I love the colour of the packaging because it makes me think of spring and the upcoming summer months.

I really like this lip balm but I would definitely try and find the stick version of the Blueberry Acai flavour instead. I find this ball shape hard to store and pack. There is no way I can put or fit this ball into my front pocket or makeup bag.

The overall idea of this product is great but I really just need something to moisturize my lips when they are chapped. I don’t want it to take up much room in my makeup bag and I want to know my money is going somewhere good. I do like the product but I think I will only use it when I am at home and not on the go. 3 out of 5.


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