April Favourites! Yay!

Why do I always feel like I am writing my monthly favourites one after another lately? I literally feel as if I wrote my March Favourites yesterday. But alright, here is what I have been up to this month!

For makeup I believe I have liked the same old things! I need to get some new products to try out asap! The one makeup product that I purchased recently is a MAC lipstick in crème cup. This is now always in my bag because it is super pretty and I feel like a boss when I wear it on my lips (as opposed to anywhere else on my face). I am scared to keep this in my bag however because I did hear that it could melt in your bag if the temperatures change. I now cannot live without MAC lipsticks so I will be very sad if that were to happen. I will be heading back to the MAC counter in the next couple of weeks to pick up some more things. Yay!

I also tried out some awesome LUSH products this week and I am really excited to show you guys what I purchased in a little mini haul. I have love bath bombs. How much better can a bath get?

The snow has finally melted and I can finally wear converse again. My favourite combination right now is converse and frilly socks. I think the frilly socks are just a perfect spice up an outfit. They are always so comfy and I am tired of wearing ankle socks with my low cut converse. I also love midi rings for spring and summer (preferable gold). Rings are a must this season. I will always have at least two gold rings on my hand at all times.

I am music crazy this month. I have been searching high and low for some new music. If you saw this post you would know one of my music obsessions. Pentatonix is amazing. There are an a capella group that are just  killing it right now. I think they are now doing some shows in Europe right now so check them out if you can. They were actually in Canada a couple of weeks ago and I missed their concert. I wish I could have gone but I will go see them eventually. They are amazing. This month I listened to Sam Smith like I was dying of thirst and he was holy water. Sam’s voice is truly angelic and I cannot wait to get his music in Canada. Give both Pentatonix and Sam Smith a look. I have no regrets.

I finally finished my first year of College/Uni so that is a favourite for this month. I now have a lot more time to do things for my blog and myself. I am also doing some new things as well (trying to get cultured). Something that I obsessed over was Essie Buttons new blog layout. If you haven’t seen it, check it out now! Her blog is like porn to me. Her blog is a bloggers dream right now. The graphics and buttons and posts and everything is absolutely beautiful that I felt the need to tell Estée herself. Yup, she acknowledged my existence, that was awesome. Shout to Estée! I love you! Canadians represent!

That is really all for me this month. I am getting the creative juices flowing this month. I decided to not make my brain turn to mush this summer. What are your favourites this month? What new products have you tired? Music? Etc? Let me know in the comments below! Get ready because summer is here!

*live simply, love lightly, laugh loudly*

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