Mini Lush Haul!

I always wanted to try out some products from LUSH so, right after my last exams, I made sure to take a quick trip to one of their stores for some well deserved TLC. While in Lush I picked up 3 items that I am super excited to try out.

The first product that I knew I wanted to get from LUSH was the Titsy Tosy Bath Bomb. I love everything rose scented. I always feel so grown up and mature whenever I have something that is rose scented. I usually do not go for the super sweet scents so this was perfect for me. I find that sometimes very sweet scents can be way too overpowering. There is going to be a separate review of the things I purchased so be sure to keep a look out for that. This bath bomb is in the shape of a heart and has little dried flowers in it that float around your bath. It has a really nice rose smell that is not too overpowering. I am really excited to try this one out!

The next thing that I got was the Space Girl bath bomb. This one smells just like candy and fruit juice (not too overpowering) and would be really refreshing on a nice spring day. I gravitated to this one because of all the sparkles and colours in it. I am sure this would create nice colours and effect in your bath water. I love how the bath bomb looks like a space ship-slash-UFO. The colours look amazing.

This last product I purchased was really on a whim. I was not intending to get this but I had a lapse in judgement. (I was a bit too excited) I purchased Love Lettuce. Love Lettuce is a facemask that removes all the crap on your face. It balances your skin with nourishing properties and makes your cheeks as soft as a baby’s bottom. The reason why this mask is called Love Lettuce is because it has actual lettuce in it. It is made from really good and fresh ingredients, like almonds and such, so I am really excited to test this out.

This was my little LUSH haul for today but I am sure I will be taking more frequent trips throughout the year. I just want to try all of their products now because I love the idea of using and having products that are created with such care and love. They fight against animal testing which is a bonus. The LUSH shop employees will be seeing me a lot more this next couple of months.

What are some of your favourite LUSH products? Have you ever tried a LUSH COCTAIL? ANY SUGGESTIONS? Let me know in the comments below or on any of my other social media! Chat to you guys again soon!


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