What Is In My Make Up Bag Featuring Ann Craven

I love looking into other peoples makeup bags. Looking into people makeup bags basically gives you the gist of what that person is like. When I had the chance to do a peek into the mind of Ann Craven from Under The Covers Book Blog, I couldn’t say no! Here is what Ann has in her makeup bag:

My everyday make up bag is jam-packed to the brim because it’s so small. But I honestly love the bag I keep all my make up in. It actually came in the Laura Mercier Flawless Face Kit I got earlier this year and I’ve been using it ever since. I love that it’s transparent so that you can immediately see what’s inside and I also love that it’s structure. That way, I know my stuff inside won’t break or smash if – heaven forbid – I drop it or something.

So I’m going to guide you through what I keep in my everyday make up. It might seem like quite a lot, but I don’t use this all in one go. If I just had this make up bag with me, I think I’d be set for life. It has all the essentials I need.

I’m not a big foundation wearer. I typically don’t wear foundation everyday but when I do need to for a special event or something like that, I reach for my Becca Luminous Skin foundation. This is a very, very sheer coverage foundation that basically evens out skin tone. It has a SPF of 25+ and I find that it gives you a wonderful glow to your skin without looking like you’ve got a lot on.

For everyday, regular use, I love my Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer. I use the color Nude and it’s the perfect shade for me. It has a SPF of 20 and has good buildability. I tend to add a little more on my cheeks where I sometimes get redness.

My concealer is another Laura Mercier product – the Undercover pot in shade 2. On top, it has two kinds of concealer, one harder formula for blemishes and the peachy, creamy shade used for cancelling out darkness under your eyes. When you unscrew the bottom, it has the Translucent Loose Powder which I use to set everything.

A holy grail product that I love and swear by is my NARS Laguna bronzer. I use this both to contour a little bit and bronze up my entire face, giving me that sunkissed glow. Laguna has a satin finish so I find that it’s very versatile that way.

On my cheeks, I’ve been wearing the same shade for years – my Clinique powder blush in Sunset Glow (107). I found this blush while I was in New York years ago and I’ve been using it ever since. It’s a peachy bronze blush that I find very flattering on my skin tone. Because of the bronzey undertone, I can skip the bronzer and just use this when I’m in a mad rush in the mornings.

To add more glow to my cheeks, I’ll layer a little bit of TheBalm’s Hot Mama over it. This blush is a peachy pink – very similar to NARS Orgasm but just more pigmented and a little more gold shimmer.

And if I want even more glowing skin, I also have my TheBalm Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter. It’s a very pigmented champagne shade that is flattering on light skin tones. I also double this as an eyeshadow when I want a bit of shimmer on my eyes.

Since everything else is quite glowy on my face already, I tend to go very neutral and matte on the eyes. The eyeshadow palette I turn to the most is my Urban Decay Naked Basics palette. It has all the colors I need for a neutral eye look. I tend to mix Foxy and W.O.S over the lid, deepen in crease with Naked 2 and use Crave as an eyeliner for a softer look. You can use Naked 2 to fill in your eyebrows too if you want.

For eyeliners, I love the Rimmel Scandaleyes kohl liners. They’re creamy and last a long time. Plus they are waterproof! The colors I take around with me are Nude and Brown. I also have a grayish eyeliner with me, just in case I want to do something more dramatic. My Chanel Stylo Yeux eyeliner in Black Shimmer is also waterproof and gets the job done with little work.

I used to have a problem with keeping my eyelashes curled. I thought it was an issue with the mascaras I was using. But it turns out it was my eyelash curler. I’ve been using the Shu Uemura eyelash curlers now and nothing beats them! With it, I use the Maybelline Falsies Black Drama mascara. I find it gives me natural looking length and volume without the weird mascara smell. The only thing bad I would say is that it doesn’t come off no matter what you do! Not even my Bioderma can remove it at the end of the day!

And you can’t forget about your eyebrows, can you? For mine I reach for my Anastasia pencil in Medium Ash and I also use the clear brow gel, also by Anastasia to set them.

I tend to have dry lips, especially in the winter so all my lip products are very moisturizing. My lip gloss of choice is the Clarins Natural Lip Perfector in Candy Shimmer (05). It smells like vanilla, has a sponge tip applicator and gives you a nice tint of color. It’s especially great for on-the-go application.

For lipstick, my favorites are the YSL ones because they are so easy to apply and are very moisturizing. I keep my YSL Sheer Candy in the color 04 Succulent Pomegranate in there because it gives you a nice wash of color and it wears off very nicely as well.

And lastly, my newest obsession is the Dior Lip Glow. It’s a Color Reviver Balm which adjusts to your body’s chemistry and gives you a flush of color on your lips that looks very natural. It’s very, very hydrating and has some cool packaging to boot!

Phew! That’s everything in my make up bag. So I will admit, that is quite a lot of products but I don’t think I could ever part with a single one of them. They are all things I absolutely need in my life! What’s your favourite make up essential that you can’t live without?

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