A Review: L’Oreal Féria Wild Ombré


When spring comes I think of change. I think of shedding the coats and dark gloomy weather for good. As it is time for spring cleaning, I have been hurrying away trying to tidy everything that I neglected over the past couple of months. This means that my room is now all clean and fresh and I have time to now upgrade some things on this blog. I also wanted to update my wardrobe and makeup. Now usually I forget about my hair and tend to scrape it up into a ponytail to get it out of my face. I wanted to be a bit more fun this summer and decided to ombré it. I had it previously ombréd last summer but I really needed to refresh it. I thought it was a great way to jazz up my straight black hair for the summer.


This L’Oreal kit is actually quite new. Last year I tried the formula for brunettes but this year I decided to go for the formula for darker hair. This is because I have really dark hair that is almost black. It is also really hard for hair dyes to stick to my hair so I opted for this the dye in 050.


The difference with this dye compared to traditional boxed hair dyes is the brush. This brush is reinvented to get that ombré effect. Normal boxed dyes have a comb applicator to apply the dye but this one is more like a brush. When used horizontally you can coat every single hair. To get the gradation or transition in the hair, the brush can be used vertically. Or you can always use you gloved hands.


The formula for this is also quite different. Regular dyes have multiple packages you mix together in a bottle and you get a thin liquid to apply on to your hair. This box also had the packets you mix together in a bottle but one of them is a powder. This makes the dye a bit more viscous and thick. Applying this dye is a bit more difficult than the average.


Do not listen to anyone who says ombréing your hair is good for you. No matter what you do, it dying is not healthy for your hair because of all the chemicals –unless it is henna.  This product does have bleach in it, so be extra careful.


This kit is actually really useful if you are not willing to smack down $100 to dye half of your hair. The kit has everything you need. Just follow the instructions, wait for it to set and wash it out.


Whenever I think about ombré hair, I think of Zoe or Zoella on YouTube. She has gorgeous locks (done professionally). In her hair you see a really nice gradation that gently fades into a blonde. With this kit you will not get that blonde on the very tips of your hair.  I expected the tips of my hair to be blonde when I washed this out so I was disappointed at first. After checking the box, I realized that my hair is the exact colour it depicts on the from picture. If you are looking to get bleach blonde tips, I suggest getting another box of dye and applying it onto the tips. I am completely fine with my brown hair because I feel that it would be too drastic from my natural hair colour.

Overall, this kit is really good for people who are not willing to go to a salon. I find that this kit works just as it is supposed to. It is quick and simple and the results are exactly as they should be. If you do ombré your hair, do not forget that you now have to maintain and keep your hair healthy. The bleach in the kit will damage your hair so you will have to put some nutrients back in. I found that before bleaching my hair I could go for days without combing out my hair because it is naturally super straight and did not get tangles very often. Now, the end of my hair are always tangled (also because I love the scrunched, imperfect style of hair atm!) and it is difficult to get a comb through.


This kit does everything it claims so it gets a 5 out of 5. If you would like to see more pictures of my hair check out my other social media pages (links at the end of this post). It is finally springtime so get out your sunglasses and start enjoying the great weather.



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