A Review: Anastasia GO Brow

I have had a problem with my sparse brows all my life. And I think I found the tick to make them just right! Anastasia GO BROW KIT!

This kit is super simple and really cheap! In this amazing brow kit comes three (3) sample size products of Anastasia’s Clear Brow Gel, Brow Wiz and a pair of tweezers. As I keep saying on this blog, I love getting kits like these. I think that getting one kit with a ton of sample product is great because you get to try a lot of products without breaking the bank.

The tweezers in this kit is great quality. I was worried that these guys would be as good but man was I wrong. Sometimes in kits you find one great product that everyone really wants and all the other things are crap quality and not really worth it. These tweezers are perfect for my small dainty hands. It also has a bit of a angled tapered end, which allows super precision when shaping and grooming your brows. It has a great grip as well. You will not be pulling out hairs halfway this this bad boy.

The mini Brow Wiz was what I was super worried about. I did not want to fill in my brows with a different colour than my natural. The original Brow Wiz comes in a twist up tube, much like a lip liner or something similar. This one came in pencil form. I purchased the Brow Kit in the darkest shade available, which is Brunette. Wen I first saw this on my brows I was disappointed because it was a more warmer brown than I expected. I was furious at first then after a little brush through with a spoolie and combed through with the brow gel, everything blends in nicely. The pencil is small but it will last ages. If you have bigger hands, however, application could be difficult.

Lastly, the Clear Brow Gel. I had the most faith in this product because it can literally fit anyone. This is the one product I will definitely purchase again and again in the same formula. I really like the brush on this because it doesn’t pick up too much product and glop on my brows. At first the gel felt odd and a little crispy after it dried if you layer it too much but it is not visibly noticeable anyways.

This kit is really great if you want to try out some brow products but do not want to splurge on full sizes yet. I will definitely keep purchasing the Brow Gel and the tweezers will last a lifetime. As for the Brow Wiz, I will definitely test out other shades to get a feel for what I like on my brows. If you have troubled brows, this kit could be for you! 4.5!

If you want to check out more from my brows, I have a ton of pictures on my Instagram where you can stare at them all you want! Remember to Follow, Like, Comment and all that jazz! Love you lots!

*live simply, love lightly, laugh loudly*

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