A Review: N07 Beautiful Skin Hot Cloth Cleanser

No7 is a UK brand created by Boots that has now made its way into Canadian Shoppers Drugmarts! I have been looking into the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleansers lately so when I spotted this I jumped at it!

When I first opened the box, my first impression was ‘Wow, there is a lot of product in here!’ For you price you pay, you get a lot of product. And in order for this product to work, you don’t need too much to get results. This is my first Hot cloth cleanser but from what people are saying and from the instructions this is what you do: First, you massage this into DRY SKIN. This will take off all your makeup and all that junk you put on your face in the morning. Massage thoroughly. While you are loosening all of the gunk off your face you will notice the amazing scent of the cleanser. It is not super strong and smells like clean sheets. Secondly, take the muslin cloth that comes in the box and put it in hot water. Try to get it the hottest you can stand, it will pay off. Then lay the hot cloth onto your face and feel your pores sing! Rub off the cleanser with the cloth and when you are done splash cold water on your face to close back up your pores.

The packaging for this cleanser is great. It is very sturdy and heavy and made out of a good quality plastic. The pump is also really good on this packaging. You do not need too much product to do its job, one or two pumps is good enough.

This Hot Cloth Cleanser is really nice and pretty good quality. I love using it after a super long day. It gets off most of my makeup but I tend to use a makeup remover beforehand anyways. After I cleanse my face with this I always feel so clean and refreshed. Throughout the day your skin takes a beating so pamper it every once in a while! I think No7 products should get more hype because products like this are amazing. 4 out of 5!

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