A Review: Sleek Blush-by-3 Lace

Sleek Makeup is a great UK cosmetics brand that has good quality products with affordable prices. Sleek blushes always intrigued me so, what better way to test out multiple products than the Blush-by-3 palettes.

The Blush-by-3 palette comes in eight shade selections, some of which include, Sugar, Flame, and Sweet Cheeks. The Lace palette especially intrigued me from the collection. All palettes have 3 medium sized pans of blushes that vary in finish. In the Lace palette there are two matte shades (a gorgeous orangey shade and a pink). In the center pan between them is a super shimmery rosy blush.

The first shade is a bright orange that everyone will be wearing this spring and summer named Crochet. I have pale skin but I really enjoy a touch of this on my cheeks. It is something unusual and different than the average pinks and plums I gravitate towards. This blush is really nice when it is fully blended out and would great on darker skin tones as well. If I am not careful with this blush I can look a bit like a circus clown so BLEND, BLEND, BLEND!

The middle blush is what I think is a rose gold shimmery blush called Guipure. This blush sort of reminds me of a SUPER shimmery version of Nars Orgasm or Deep Throat. It has a very high pigmentation and shine so I don’t always go for this blush everyday. Shimmery blushes are great but if you have larger than average pores, mattes are what you should be looking for. This shade is so beautiful with a little tan in the summer and can look great on everyone!

The last colour is called Chantilly, which is a nice bright pink. All of these shades are super pigmented and this is no exception. This one is matte like Crochet. In the packaging it looks like there is the tiniest bit of shimmer but when you apply it and fully blend it out, you get the nicest matte blush possible. If you are not yet into the orange trend for blushes, this is a good start.

I really love this blush palette because it is so compact with amazing quality blushes. I think out of all the Sleek Blush-by-3 palettes, this one is my favourite for the spring. If you do not already have this palette, I definitely recommend it for the up coming seasons! 5 out of 5! Like, comment and all that jazz as well! Hopefully spring will get here soon!

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