BB CREAM FACE OFF: Rimmel Beauty Balm 9 in 1 Skin Perfecting Super Makeup VS. L’Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB cream

Over the last couple of months I have been testing products. Two of these products have been BB Creams and now I think I am ready to talk to you guys about it. One is the L’Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB cream and the other is the Rimmel Beauty Balm 9 in 1 Skin Perfecting Super Makeup. Now it is time for a FACE OFF (Oh yeh! I am getting creative!).

Let’s start with packaging. Both products are in a squeeze tube, the L’Oreal being the long thinner one and the Rimmel is slightly chubbier. I like squeeze tubes because you can really control how much product you get out of the tube. However, one the product is out, it is out. There is no way to get that back in there. The L’Oreal BB cream I find has my favourite packaging. I think it is because it fits nicely into my makeup bag without taking up much room. The Rimmel one is smaller yes but is shorter. So I find it difficult to pack because it is such an awkward size and wastes a big of space.

L’Oreal LIGHT (left), L’Oreal Fair (middle), Rimmel (right)

The formula for both are great overall, but I personally think they are good for different seasons etc. The Rimmel one is defiantly more creamy in consistency than the L’Oreal one and gives a greater coverage. I have 2 of the L’Oreal ones because I didn’t know which shade to choose and purchase. So, I now have the L’Oreal one in the shades Fair and Light. What I like about L’Oreals formula is that it adjusts to your skin tone. The cream comes out of the tube white with tiny little beads that burst when you rub the product in. These beads then adjust and give you the best colour that matches your skin tone. You do need to necessarily find ‘your’ shade in the line however; a person with fair skin cannot buy the product for dark skin. You have to be in your range of colour for it to work. I find the Fair works the best on me but I can pull off the Light shade when I want to. On a regular basis I wear Fair because the Light gives a bit more coverage but sets slightly darker than my natural. Fair gives me the right amount of covereage for me and practically melts into my skin. Rimmels BB cream is a set shade and so I purchased the lightest shade as I always so. Even though I have the lightest shade, I still think it is still dark for me, especially this winter. I really like Rimmel face products because of their formula is perfect for my combination skin.  Their shade range still kills me! It is also too pink for my skin, but when I have a slight tan in the summer, this should be fine. I also find this product gives me a more dewy finish while the L’Oreal one is more matte. As far as lasting power goes, I think they both have approximately the same. Sometimes, for both products, I find a little transfer on my hats and beanies, which isn’t the greatest. I tend to see this more prominent with the Rimmel purely because of its thicker consistency and has longer setting time. I think the Rimmel is a lot closer to a foundation than the L’Oreal one.

 FULLY BLENDED L’Oreal LIGHT (left), L’Oreal Fair (middle), Rimmel (right)

Rimmels shade range always makes me grumpy. I wish they would have a wider range like L’Oreals foundation lines because their formula is amazing. I can really only wear their foundation in the summer and spring. As I said the L’Oreal BB cream can adjust to your skin tone. For their BB creams they have 4 shades for everyone in their skin tone range. Great one there L’Oreal.

PARTLY BLENDED L’Oreal LIGHT (left), L’Oreal Fair (middle), Rimmel (right)

Right now, I lean towards the L’Oreal BB cream because of the season. My skin loses its luster in the winter and I need something to enhance my Snow White-like skin. If you are looking for something with a lighter, even finish and don’t have many blemishes then the L’Oreal one is for you if you don’t want to use a foundation everyday. I would definitely suggest the Rimmel formula if you want a greater coverage that fills in any gaps and camouflages every blemish and fit in the shade range. It has a great finish and my skin loves it!

This FACE OFF was close for me because my skin wants different things in different seasons. Right now the L’Oreal BB cream won me over for its shade range and light coverage. In the summer when I get colour on my skin, I will definitely going back to Rimmels formula that I love ever so much. A great dewy finish and a great pinky tone for the spring/summer!

So that is it for me today! I hope you liked my very first FACE OFF! I think I will make this into a thing from now on. Instead of making separate reviews, mashups could be my new thing. If you like this feel free to give me some suggestions and love down below in the comments and don’t forget to share it with everyone you know! Links are all conveniently located at the end of this post! See you later alligators!

*live simply, love lightly, laugh loudly*

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