A Review: Rimmel Clean Finish Foundation- 120 Ivory

I purchased the Rimmel clean finish foundation a while ago because I wanted a good winter foundation. What I found was another summer-when and if I get a tab foundation.

This foundation line is geared towards a more everyday look than the Wake Me Up foundations. The Wake Me up Foundation is specially formulated to wake up the skin and make it look amazing on your not so amazing days. Unlike the Wake Me Up foundations, this foundation has absolutely no sparkle or sheen to it. This is a more matte line to prefect the skin. This line goes along with the Clean Finish Matte line Rimmel also does. Both of these lines claim to have a 100% poreless finish that will not clog up pore. Because I have dry skin in the winter I did not go for the matte line and instead got this in the lightest shade in 120 Ivory.

I really enjoy the formula of the Rimmel foundations but I am disappointed with the shade selection. As I said I was looking for a ‘winter foundation’ and I found even the lightest shade too dark and slightly orange for my skin. I am already a pale person to begin with and in the winters I get even more washed out.

Other than the shade I really like the application of this foundation. This product, instead of a pump or open top have included a little spatula at the end of the cap. I really like this because you can really use it sparingly. I often find with open bottle and some pump bottles I put way too much because there is no way gauge how much you are going to use during application. Spatulas and pumps are so much better than the open tops I say. It is also in a very heavy, durable glass bottle that is sleek, small and can fit into any makeup bag.

As far as the feel goes I think this foundation gives a medium coverage but it is buildable to get a fuller coverage. This is not heavy on the skin. It almost feels like you are wearing nothing. I think Rimmel does a good job on the 100% poreless claim. I have bigger pores around my nose and found this gliding over them. I also really like how this formula didn’t dry out the skin around my nose. It really does give a Clean Finish.

If you fit within Rimmels shade range and are looking for a foundation that is light and buildable this one may be the one you go for. I do not think I will repurchase this product again simply because I am still in love with the Wake Me Up line. I feel that I always need a good pick me up for my skin and Wake Me Up is it. However, if you have very large pores shimmer might not be the best for your skin. If you want something like Rimmels Wake Me Up, this is the product! You can see my review of Wake Me Up here. It is very old so be warned. If you have great skin already then maybe this or a serum would be great for you.

I am very excited to see some of Rimmels new products I have seen in stores and am excited to be testing some of them and posting stuff for you here so keep a look out. Overall, I enjoy this Clean Finish foundation. I am not in love with it but I like it. I will no doubt continue to use the rest of my bottle in the summer when I get some more colour on my face. The packaging is high quality and flexible. The only discrepancy I have is the shades! Ugh Rimmel get a wider range of shades please!!!! 3.5 out of 5

That being said check out some of my other Rimmel reviews (Apocolips, Stay Matte Powder, Lasting Finish Spring, Lasting Finish Matte, Scandaleyes Waterproof Eyeliner) and be sure to follow like comment etc. social media down below! Thanks for reading!

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