A Review: Topshop Moto Vintage Dungarees

Dungarees made their appearance known sometime last summer and I have been dying to get my hands on some after seeing their versatility. I know overalls are so grade 1, “My mom dressed me today!” But after seeing celebrities like Rihanna and Jessica Alba, fashion icons like Alexa Chung and other bloggers rock this one piece I had to at least try it too.

I was super excited to grab the last pair of dungarees at a local Topshop and was excited to find some new outfits to wear with it. Firstly, let’s talk about the dungarees. I purchased this pair of Moto Vintage Long Leg dungarees in a UK size 8. I later learned that I am not a UK size 8 but possibly a 6 or even a 4. When I tried the bottoms on they can easily slip off of my hips. This concerns me quite a bit. I do not want anyone sneaking a peak when I am trying to be fashionable. I decided that with an extra pair of shorts underneath and the straps of the dungarees keeping it up, I would be perfectly fine. No problem. When I purchased these dungarees I got them for half price on sale. I was worried at first because it was still in fashion at the time so I automatically thought it was damaged in some way. After spending way too long for defects I bought the pair thinking there was nothing wrong with it. When I got home I realized that one of the hooks on the straps was loose and it wasn’t securing around the metal button. Luckily, I had a trusty pair of pliers next to me and fixed that baby up good.

I really like the material of the overall because it is nice and thick. It is a little weighty so it will not be the greatest in the dead heat of summer though. The hardwear is all distressed silver (clasps of the straps as well as buttons along the hip). I really like Topshops specific design on this. I really like the pockets on the front (chest) and the back. They really make the look and they are useful too. The crotch length is perfect and it is really comfortable to wear.

What I am worried about is that all dungarees make your hips look slightly bigger. Having broad shoulders myself, I think this will even out my body but I believe this would look better on people who are more leggy. If you have long legs and want to show them off, dungarees are great (especially short ones). I really like the idea of cuffing the pant legs to show a little bit of ankle.

Overalls are not the chicest thing someone could wear but there is no doubt this style is coming back this spring in summer. Get your pair fast before they are all gone. Do not worry about people saying that you look stupid and should go live on a farm. I mean it. Look at Niall Horan from One Direction. He wore overalls long before everyone thought it was cool. People made fun of him but look at us all now. We are all wearing bibs. Niall was just ahead of the game! Stay tuned for an OOTD with me wearing my Topshop dungarees and how I style them. Coming soon!! 4.5 out of 5.

As far as I know, this particular style of Topshop Dungaree is now unavailable but there are many other places to find them like BooHoo, NastyGal, Zara, Ebay  and more. Do not worry! There will be more! Check out my Polyvore to see some outfits and other retailers!  Remember to follow, like, comment etc. Love you lots!


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