Have a Naughty Valentines with Ariebea!

The other day in the store I noticed employees taking down the last Christmas tree in the store and put it away for storage. This officially marks the end of the Christmas season. But another holiday swiftly takes it place. Valentines day. Whether you are buying for a girlfriend, boyfriend, bestie or yourself it is about time to show a little but of love. Today I thought I would make a Valentines Day inspired post. This post will be a mix of a gift guide with a little bit of naughty fun. Here are my favourite naughty items that are perfect for the upcoming holiday. This post will be called A Naughty Valentines with Ariebea! *wink wink*

Probably the two most sexiest palettes I have ever seen are The Balms Nude Tude and Too Faced Boudoir Eyes. These two palettes have the cutest, sexiest names and packaging. I have never seen any other packaging that makes me squeal in excitement. With names like sexy and fuzzy handcuffs (Boudoir) and censored pin up girls (Nude Tude), these palettes are great for gifting a significant other (or yourself) to create the ideal Valentines Day look for a date night out or in! I really like these palettes because they make me feel pretty okay? On Valentines Day I want to be sexy and amazing. I want to be that sexy pin up girl on the packaging and this palette will give me that. Lets be real, I will be sitting at home with a tub of cinnamon hearts and chocolate watching White Collar on my laptop. Neal Caffery is sexy too ok? S.E.X.Y. Capital letter and periods, man, I am being serious.I am not even halfway through this post and I am already hot and bothered.

Be sure to get those big, soft, Angelina Jolie lips with Soap & Glory’s Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Plumping Lip Gloss (in half naked) and Gloss Sticks. You do not need to kiss your money away with these golden products. A little bit of a lip plumper here and a little gloss here does wonders to a night out. These are great for those late night smooches (with you pillow- just make sure your sheets are not white, you do not want there to be evidence of your hot night, do you? Alright, maybe you do. You do you!)

Even though it is freezing cold in Canada right now there is absolutely nothing wrong with calling for a Cabana Boy to give you a great flush of colour back to your cheeks. The Balms Cabana Boy will do the job for me. The perfect pink tone gives me such a natural blush.  Cabana Boy is definitely my Valentine this year. But beware, a little too much of this bad boy and you may be getting weird looks from the neighbors. (I was trying to make a sexual joke ok!? It didn’t turn out well. It is pigmented ok? Just- it is pigmented!)

Nars’ One Night Stand has literally got me crawling back to it every time. Literally, the most amazing palette I have ever seen. A full palette including bestsellers, Deep Throat and Orgasm, Devotee the highlighter and the Laguna bronzer, this is a winner no doubt. And I have to say I love a little Deep Throat in the morning and Orgasm after a good night, what can I say?

Wow this is getting really inappropriate right now. I think I will stop. I really just meant to poke some fun in the Valentines season. I really do enjoy all these products or I wouldn’t be talk about them here with you. Overall what I am trying to say is it does not matter if you are dating, single, married, divorced, in love, or in that awkward ‘its complicated’ transition stage this month. Everyone just wants to be love and be loved. I know this post is really about a lot of laughs and jokes but do not worry if this Valentines Day isn’t your greatest moment of 2014. You deserve to be beautiful and show off who you are! So get up and make yourself feel beautiful this Valentines day. This does not mean to go out and buy a shit ton of makeup and plaster it over your face. Do whatever you love and whatever makes you happy (as long as you do not kill anyone, hurt anyone or yourself or do anything that I can see on the news later. I am not endorsing criminal acts. Just saying). What I mean to say is that is doesn’t matter if you are celebrating with a loved one, a special someone or with your laptop. Love is love. Be happy with who you are!

I hope you lot liked this little post and had a good laugh and maybe even shed some tears. I will be back soon with more Valentines related posts I hope. Maybe a makeup look perhaps? Let me know if you have some feedback. Comment, Follow, Like, Share and all that jazz as well! I will talk to you soon!

*live simply, love lightly, laugh loudly*

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