January Favourites! 2014!

Hey everyone! It has been a while since I put up a Monthly Favourites post so as it is the New Year, I decided to being it back! So, it is the end of the first month of the year! What have you been doing? How are your New Years Resolutions? Do anything cool? Fun? Exciting? Or did we all just hibernate after gaining 100 pounds in food and sweets from the holidays?

This January has been actually very productive for me. I started a new semester in school, made new friends, smiled a lot, finished some projects and actually posted 3 times a week all month on this blog! Woo Yeh! This is a big accomplishment for me seeing that last semester in September when I went to school, I didn’t post for weeks until the very last leg. (Let me point out that during that time I still was making reviews and coming up with ideas, they just got postponed) I am supper excited to continue to post some good stuff on ARIEBEA for you all to see and enjoy!

Over this month I have been incredibly busy. I felt that I never had a real break but reading week is just around the corner where I will catch up on some school work and blog stuff for you! Today being the very last day of January of 2014 I wanted to show you some of my January Favourites! Yay!!!

First, lets start with makeup and beauty products! The first thing I have to include is obviously the infamous, Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette. This palette is really a beaut. I posted a review of this on Wednesday here if you would like to see it! I really like the rosy shades in this palette because it had the perfect amount of pigmentation and durability when paired with one of the 4 primers that comes with the palette. This product is just so pretty with the ripples and the rose gold, what is not to love? The next thing I purchased was the Limited Edition Nars blush palette in collaboration with Guy Bourdin titled, One Night Stand. This palette literally has everything I ever need to enhance any look. There are 4 signature Nars blushes (almost full size) in Orgasm, Deep Throat, Goulue, and Mistinguette. There is also a highlighter called Devotee and the glorious Laguna bronzer. I was stoked when I found this palette hiding in store and now I use it everyday! If you would like to see my review of it click here. The next thing that I was in love with is the Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes/Flashes mascara. I never thought I would love a mascara more than these two. I purchased them during the Christmas season which is still available online here . My lashes have never been so long and amazing. Definitely going to get the full size versions when I run out. And the last beauty related product that I have been loving this month is Hydraluron. This product was my first review of the year and I have been using it religiously. This stuff really works to help my skin. Because of the crazy cold weather we have been having this winter, I slap on this product almost every time I put on moisturizer. This product helps with hydration and does all this good stuff for my skin. I am in love! And it is pretty cheap for what it is worth. Be sure to check this out! Fave!

Moving on to the style portion of my monthly favourites. This whole month I loved the American Apparel Disco Pants. I wore them to ever occasion and outing and they are still going strong. I love these pants because they can bump up any old outfit. I love the quality of the pants, the style and dear Lord, does this stuff fit like a dream. Another go-to this month was my Ardene Plaid scarf. This scarf is unfortunately not available online but can still be purchased in stores definitely. I love this scarf with a passion. I love the whole tartan style and searched for a scarf everywhere until I found this one that didn’t break the bank. I wear this scarf  literary everywhere because it is so soft and warm in the cold. Unfortunately it is starting to ball up on me so I might have to go find me a new one soon. But hey, it did not break the bank at all! My last style favourite has got to be my Doc Martens (Not pictured)! I actually got these boots on my birthday last year and haven’t gotten around to wear it until this month. I now wear these boots everywhere I go. They were so tight when I first got them but after I broke them in I think they are fine. I really like wearing these boots with my disco pants and frill socks because cute. That is it. Because it is cute. There is my logic.

I have been listening to a truck load of music this month. I commute to school. This means that I waste around 4 hours of my day staring blankly on the floor. But thanks to my music, I can have a party for one in my own head. I recently went back into my old CD collection and picked up Kings of Leon’s Aha Shake Heartbreak and Youth and Young Manhood. I was jamming on public transit. I also am in love with their newly released songs titled Dancing on My Own (cover) and Last Mile Home (for moive soundtrack). I love me some Kings of Leon. I also have been listening to 5 Seconds of Summer this month. I know I have such an array of musical tastes. But these 4 boys are great and cheer me up. I know I am really behind on this fandom but damn Luke Hemmings is cute!! I really like the songs, Beside You, Heartbreak Girl, Try Hard and Unpredictable.

I only have two things that are not beauty/style/music related. One of these is my Black leather Eccolo notebook. I really like this journal because it says “ Fashion fades, Style is Eternal –Yves Saint Laurent”. I think I have a new love for notebooks. I really like writing everyday things and getting to read them back. I am always making lists and writing on little post it notes so why not just have a book for it all to be contains in? Once I get through this whole book I am looking to buy a Moleskin to replace it. I could spend ages in the bookstore looking at notebooks and then walk away because I have no use for them all yet. Another non beauty favourite is Starbucks Peppermint Green Tea. I know. It is not some fancy fancy thing but for $2.05 I can have my grande green tea on and sit down and write up some good posts so don’t judge. On days when I have gaps between my classes, Starbucks is where you will find me. I will most likely be sitting in a corner writing out ideas or typing like crazy on my phone so I can I message myself the gold that I just wrote.

The last thing that I loved about January was being featured on Rimmel Canada’s Facebook page. I know, I know it is not that big. But hey, I got excited. I was excited enough to write a post about it. #noshame This month has been amazing overall and I hope that February beings some more extraordinary things. I have a lot of things to show and tell you guys about so keep checking back! Be sure not to miss anything.

As always Follow, Like, Comment and all that jazz! Social media is all down below. I hope you all had an amazing January and my February be all in your favor.

*live simply, love lightly, laugh loudly*

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