A Review: Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

The time finally came. I have the Naked 3 palette and am ready to tell the world! The Naked 3 palette came out on December 6, 2013 and everyone went utterly bananas. Urban Decay eye shadows are said to be the best of the best. This being said, even though I recently purchased the Naked Basics palette for the amazing matte shades, I had to find this in stores and share what I think about it with you!

As I was casually walking through Sephora, I was amazed at the pure fact that the Naked 3 was actually in stock again. When I brought the palette home I was surprised at the durability of the packaging and overall good quality. While testing the previous Naked palettes I noticed a great difference in everything. For one, first palette came in a cardboard packaging and the second in a plain metal container, to be honest, kinda boring compared to this one! I really like how they switched it up and did a rose gold metal this time. The ripple effect on the case definitely increases the value and makes it so darned pretty! The one thing I do not like is that when I close this palette, there is no satisfying feeling. You know what I mean. I feel that someway, somehow, that something is going to get into this palette (like a rogue brush or something) in my makeup bag and ruin it for everyone. I need a magnet or something. It is not safe! But that is just me. This palette supposedly is the palette for all skin tones and shades compared to the first two. The first Naked palette is said to be for darker skinned customers and those with yellow undertones. As for the second, this palette is for lighter and fairer skin because of the cool tone colours. But hey, get both! It is a great deal.

This palette has a total of 12 shades of very pigmented shadows. I did find that a lot of the shades look quite similar in the packaging and only notice a slight difference when they are applied. I do not normally use the brushes given in palettes but, this one, I find is great for shading and blending. It is also fluffy and all that good stuff. I feel like everyone stepped up their brush game lately and upgraded from using those spongy little things that were utterly useless. Good one Urban Decay, put an actual brush in there!

The colours are mainly all rosy pink shades that warm up a face well. Unfortunately there are only 3 fully matte shades in the pack (I really love mattes for everyday use) and all the rest are shimmery. I did find that Dust has a lot of fallout when it is applied so beware when using it. Strange is a great matte for the inner corner and brow bone. The shades Trick, Darkside and Blackheart are by far my favourite in the whole palette. I just think these colours are great on all skin types, unique and very pigmented.

This palette does not come with a bottle of their primer potion as the first one did (the second comes with a travel sized Lip Junkie lip gloss in Naked). Instead the Naked 3 comes with a little folder of 4 weeks worth of primer potions in various sorts. Each purchase comes with 4 sample sizes (1 week worth each) of the Original primer potion (found in the original Naked), Eden (matte), Sin (shimmery) and Anti aging formula. I am really stoked to be trying out all 4 of these formulas because I like being able test and see what I like before committing to a full size product.

Everyone says that the Urban Decay shadows are the best so I wanted to test this theory myself. I wanted to test the quality of the shadows, not the primer. The eye shadows itself. Alone. My eyelids are not that oily at all everyday but, one day I thought everything would be fine without the primer but by the end of my classes, everything was creased and messy. I used the two matte shades in the palette and it still creased. I found that without the primer, I would not use this palette all that much and I would crease like cray cray. The next day I used the primer with the exact same routine and it stayed on and lasted for ages. Maybe Urban Decay wants us to buy more of the primer (after the 4 weeks) so we can use the shadows when the samples run out. Good plan Urban Decay. I see what you are doing. *nudge nudge* Bring back the travel sized bottle. I wanted that cute, little tiny bottle in my makeup bag!!!

I still love the colours nonetheless. The packaging is amazing and I would recommend it for anyone who cannon decide on which Naked palette to purchase. I felt that I can get a lot of use out of this palette this year, going to events, parties, shopping or even to school. It is defiantly not an everyday palette for me but on days when I want to be fabulous (Ok, let me be real, I am always fabulous) I will pick up this palette. This is really something good for someone who wants to get into high-end makeup. It is good to get a full palette like this to get used to higher end products because there is a difference from some drugstore products.

The palette is an overall winner, but you already know that! The packaging, the shades, the samples, the brush and the advertising are all amazing. If you haven’t picked this palette up yet, what are you waiting for? The Naked 3 in available in stores and online so go grab it soon! This beautiful palette gets a 5 out of 5.

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