A Review: Nars Limited Edition Blush Palette: One Night Stand

For the 2013 Holiday, Nars brought out a limited edition palette in collaboration with Guy Bourdin. Even though it is titled, ‘One Night Stand’, I have a feeling I will be coming back to this night after night.

This palette includes 6 powders including, one highlighter (Devotee), one bronzer (Laguna) and 4 blushes (Mistinguette, Orgasm, Deep Throat and Goulue). When I spotted this palette I was in Sephora casually browsing for my next investment. I went over to the Nars stand, gasped and clutched the last one to my chest. This palette was practically waiting for me and calling my name. Surprised that this was still in stock I talked to a sales associate and she explained that it must have been hiding and waiting for the right person to come along.

(Top: Devotee, Mistinquette and Orgasm Bottom: Laguna, Deep Throat and Goulue)

Nars is prestigious for their infamous Orgasm blush and Laguna bronzer. There was no doubt that this whole palette was a good deal. For a total of $70 CAD you get almost full size products all in one convenient palette.  Starting with the highlighter, Devotee is the lightest in the palette. Devotee is unlike anything I ever tried before. It sort of gives a wet look and the pinky tone makes it a great match for any blush. A little goes a long way! Mistinquette is the scary looking blush in the palette. This may seem like a very intimidating palette but it is beautiful on the cheeks. This is the only one in the palette, which is slightly more matte than the rest. I think if you have a good tan this will give the nicest baby doll topper. Orgasm is the next in the palette. It is obviously one of Nars best blushes for good reason. This blush can fit any skin tone and looks absolutely gorgeous. There is a lot of shimmer to this blush but Deep Throat is the alternative to Orgasm in the palette that has less shimmer.

On the bottom right corner is the glorious Laguna bronzer. I really like this bronzer because it is very light and buildable on my fair complexion. This bronzer is not too orange and has only a touch of shimmer that looks great even when you contour with it a little. It really gives that sun kissed glow everyone wants. No wonder it is a best seller. Deep Throat is the less shimmery version of Orgasm. If you for some reason have something against Orgasm, Deep Throat is the next best. Deep Throat gives a more subtle finish. I really like it when I am going to school and just want something on my cheeks. The last blush is Goulue. It has been said that if Orgasm and Sin ever were to have a baby, it would be Goulue. This blush is possibly the most pigmented in the palette. It reminds me of The Balms Cabana Boy. This blush would be great for the fall. The plumy colours are always my favourite.

Nars packaging is possibly one of my favourite classical. The texture of Nars packaging just brings to me heaven and hell at the same time. I love the feel of it under my fingertips but when they get dirty, they really get dirty.I really like how they mixed and matched highlighters, bronzers and blushes in this palette. The shades can be used in many occasions and is potentially good during long holidays if you want an organized variety. This palette might not be the best if you are trying to travel light but if you have extra space, this is definitely a keeper because it is quite compact.

This palette is obviously going to be a 5 out of 5. It is also my first Nars product I ever personally bought! This palette is literally one of the best deals out there. They still maybe some floating around out there so be sure to grab them and clutch them to your chest until you are at the cashier because it is literally the best thing I found this year.

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