A Review: American Apparel- Easy Jeans and Disco Pants (Comparison Post)

Late last year I hurdled into the amazing world of American Apparel and ultimately smashed my wallet into a million broken pieces. A few of these purchases included the American Apparel Disco Pant and Easy Jeans. I gravitated towards these pieces because I really wanted to venture into the world of high waisted bottoms. I have seen a great number of people pull off this type of trouser and jean and never thought I could justify it. I am glad I took the leap because I do not know what I would so without them.

The American Apparel Easy Jeans are one of the best pairs of jeans I ever had. I have it in the blue acid wash here. After reading countless reviews online I went to the stores and bought a pair one size down from my original size. These jeans fit like a glove and flatter my body shape like a dream. I have quite big shoulders and a good amount of hips so these pants help even everything out. I live wearing these with combat boots and a variety of crop tops or long sweaters tucked in the front.

Something I really like about these jeans are the back pockets. The back pockets lay higher up on the back that flatters everyone’s body. It accentuates what you have in the best ways possible. The zipper on the front is obviously longer on high waisted jeans and buttons with a brass button. You can also compare these to TOPSHOPs Joni Jeans that are a bit more stretchy and have a black button instead of a brass one. Both styles are great.

The quality of the American Apparel Easy Jeans are great. I am thinking of getting another pair in my regular size to wear with leggings underneath on colder days. The length is perfect they look so stylish and simple. An A+ in my book.

The American Apparel Disco Pants are another piece I ventured into late last year here. I find I wear these pants more than I do anything else. I cannot imagine what I wore before purchasing these babies. These pants are also high waisted and made of a shiny reflective material that can only be described as Sandy from Greece pants. I did not size down in these pants although I wish I had. The full length fits amazingly but I found that there is excess right behind my knees. I will definitely going back to get a size down.

The pockets are also like the Easy Jeans and the top button is black. I find I wear these more because it instantly dresses up a casual outfit. If I am going out a want to look a bit more kickass, this is what I wear. I wear a lot of cropped sweaters, cropped tops or long shirts and sweaters tucked in with these Disco Pants.

In comparison to the TOPSHOP Disco Treggings, I prefer the American Apparel version. I had the chance to try on the Disco Treggings a while back and didn’t purchase it because it felt too stretchy and showed every line and bump I wanted to conceal. I felt like the Treggings would stretch out in the wash and I was not ready to spend too much on something I might not wear. The Disco Pants won out between these two because the material is just a bit thicker and glides over any unwanted lines and bumps.

American Apparel is very pricy but I find their quality and style is on point. Even though everything is quite expensive, when you get deals and coupons, AA clothing and accessories last for such a long time and are ultimately time less. I would recommend the Easy Jeans and Disco Pants to anyone and everyone who is willing to spend a bit of money on something worthwhile.


That is it for this comparison-slash-review post today. If you liked it be sure to say so in the comments and maybe I will do a bit more of these in the future! Remember to Follow, Like and all that jazz. Social media links are down below! See you soon!

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4 thoughts on “A Review: American Apparel- Easy Jeans and Disco Pants (Comparison Post)

    • ariella052195

      I would say I am usually a size medium. I purchased the disco pants a medium but could have done well with a small. I got the easy jeans in a small but if i were to wear leggings underneath I have a medium!

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