It is only the beginning of the year and I am already in heartbreak. My beloved Louis has passed. Now before I get a billion messages and condolences I want to explain something. Louis wasn’t ordinary. He was special and I have been with him for a little over 2 years now on and off. He is a looker I have to tell you and I loved him, I still do and I do not think I will ever stop. The bit that freaks people out when I say this is Louis isn’t a person. He isn’t someone I ran into on the street. Hell, he isn’t imaginary or fictional either. Louis is a handbag. And a very good one at that. Before you go and tell me I am self-absorbed need to get a life and all that let me remind you how difficult it is to find a good handbag. It took me years to find Louis and now that his time has ended after an amazing 3 years it is difficult to move on.

Let me start from the beginning. I found Louis on the bottom shelf in a small store in my neighborhood. He was all scrunched and shoved behind a bunch of bigger, more expensive bags but I fell in love with him. I picked him up and found him in great condition and was just waiting to be brought home with someone. He had a few bumps and scratches but hey, doesn’t everyone?

I gave Louis his name after his father, Louis Vuitton. It just clicked. Once I brought Louis home, I was told by everyone in my family that we just matched perfectly. He was exactly what I needed. Louis was my go to bag for everything. For parties, shopping, trips. He was always there for me. After a tragic incident, Louis now does not have the ability to zip up. This is very important for me, as the world is not an honest place. I wouldn’t want Louis’ friends, Tory (Tory Burch wallet or Opie phone) to get lost or scared. I have tried multiple solutions to mend the injury with no success. Unfortunately, I am not Louis-less and in need of another. Louis will not be neglected and I know he would want me to move on as soon as possible but I need some help. I have been looking out for some potential replacements and narrowed it down to 3 contenders. As I have recently lost Louis I am not sure if I am ready to make an educated decision. I would like YOU to help me choose.


Untitled #114
Givenchy purse, 1,860 CAD / Michael michael kors handbag, 420 CAD / Prada handbag, 1,985 CAD

Here I have me 3 contenders, Stefano (Prada Saffiano Lux Small Promenade), Michael Selma (Michael Michael Kors Satchel – Selma Stud Large) and Augustus (GIVENCHY Antigona Medium Bag). In the comments below I would like YOU to let me know who I should go for. Stefano, Michael Selma or Augustus. You can even tweet me with #RIPLOUIS with your vote. This will be much appreciated and thank you for your support. You guys are amazing.

Share this with your friends and family, Follow me for updates, like and vote. This really means the world to me. Talk to you all soon!

*live simply, love lightly, laugh loudly*

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