Review: Bourjois Paris ColourBoost- 02 Fushia Libre

Bourjois Paris is another overseas brand that I was dying to check out. From constant positive reviews I knew I had to track down where I could find this brand in Canada. And I finally did! Now sold in select Shoppers Drug Marts, I purchased Bourjois ColorBoost Lip Crayon in 02 Fushcia Libre.

I had really high hopes for this product because everywhere I went, someone was raving about it. I gravitated towards this product because of their resemblance to the Revlon Balm Stains. And everyone knows I love the Revlon Balm Stains like nobody’s business. I was surprised to learn that they are actually quite different from one another.

For one, the Bourjois ColourBoost Lip Crayon is not a stain. These little fellas give a sheer veil of colour instead of the intense colour I was hoping for. All of these products are very high in shine and are definitely not matte. Because the formula is quite sheer it takes a while to build up the actual colour the crayon demonstrates. During the summer or spring when I like to have just a hint of colour on my lips this is the product I like to pic up. I believe the Revlon Balm Stains are true to colour judging by the packaging however, the lip crayons can be a little deceptive. When I tried this product I found it more sheer than I thought. I did not find it too moisturizing because I have a tendency to put on a lip balm before any colour anyways. My lips are not excessively dry but it would be nice to have a bit more hydration qualities in this product considering it is not a stain. If you want to purchase this product to hydrate your lips, this isn’t one to invest on. The colours are great if you like a light, sheer and glossy lip. I love to wear in the summer and spring when I am not feeling to daring and want to tone things down. I do find that when I put this on there is no smell but if I lick my lips there is a slight taste to it but it is nothing majorly horrible about this product.

Fushcia Libre is a great pink colour and I think it would do well for a wide range of skin tones. Because this is sheer, the colour payoff is not the best but if you want just a slight hint of colour this can be the one for you! I also did get the chance to swatch some others in store and found that Peach Beach the lightest in the collection can fade into a lot of peoples lips with no colour pay off at all. Just trying it on my hand made me realize it would not be great on pigmented lips, especially if it practically disappeared on my already pale hand.

The packaging for this product looks exactly like the Revlon Balm Stains and Clinique Chubby Sticks. A long cylindrical tube, that is the colour of the product inside, with pop off lid and a silver twist at the bottom to put out more product. It applies the same with a smooth consistency and says it has SPF 15. I really enjoy this because many people forget to protect their lips and by putting an SPF in this product make it so much easier on me. This product claims to have 10-hour staying power but I find the colour and a bit of the shine go away after the first 2. If you want a high performance lip crayon, this is not the greatest buy.

In Canada, this product rings up that the grand price of $18 each. This is incredibly expensive for a drugstore lip product. I am sure it sells for a cheaper deal in other places in the world but in Canada, the price is what it is. I would not run out to get another one of these guys because the Revlon ones are just as good and much better on my wallet. In Canada there are only 3 shades available and do not suit a wide range of skin tones. There is Orange Punch, Peach Beach and Fushcia Libre. I do like Bourjois’ packaging and concept for things like the Chocolate bronzer and I am willing to test out some more of their products I have been shopping around for like the Healthy Mix foundation and serum! This product gets a 3 out of 5. I really want to give it a bit more but I would not like to pay an extra amount of money for something that is quite sheer and glossy when there are many more products to try and test out.

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