A Review: Zara Coat with Wooly Collar

As I said in My Christmas and Boxing Day Haul post, I purchased an amazing Zara Jacket with an amazing fluffy sheep collar. In early fall I spotted this amazing jacket on the Zara website and knew I had to have it. That weekend I went into the store and physically caressed the amazing collar in awe. I was shattered when I didn’t get the chance to get it then because I had some school projects I needed to fund *sad face*. I was ecstatic when I found this jacket again a couple months later on Boxing Day. With all my Christmas money in my pocket and the newly reduced price I finally bought the amazing jacket. It now has its own place in my closet just waiting for me to take it out again.

It is literally the best feeling when you finally get that item you wanted for so long. Usually when this happens, you get the object and you use it for a while then it gets left alone for whoever knows how long. This is not happening to this jacket.

The material a mixture of a bunch of random things I have never heard of. It does include, wool, cotton and acrylic. The material is great for fall but obviously not winter. I wore this jacket out shopping on a cold day and I was surprised how warm it actually was. The jacket has a really nice lining that helps keep you warm but it would not take classic Canadian wind and snow like we witnessed over Christmas.

The jacket looks like a bundle of cool grey wool and softness. It also has great detailing on the shoulders, back and sleeves in the same material but in black. It really is a nice touch because it makes the jacket look more chic. The showstopper of the jacket is the collar. The collar looks like they just shaved a sheep and stuck it on. I do not know if the furry stuff is real (I would hate it if it was) but it feels so soft and it feels amazing to nestle up into to if the cold nips at your ears and nose.

This jacket is overall a winner. Great quality fabrics are so soft and chic looking. The sleeves are the perfect length for me and the silhouette is great. It is sleek and stylish but not pretentious. Okay, now I am just making these things up! But, bottom line is that, this jacket is on sale now in stores at Zara, go get it because if you don’t you will regret it. It is unfortunately not available online anymore so if you happen to come across it, take a good look and see if you like it. I believe the last time I went in they had maybe 3 left in the whole rack after Boxing Day. They could be gone by now so check them out! You can see me wear this jacket and style it is my Holiday OOTDs!

I honestly love this jacket to pieces and I know I will get a lot of wear out of it. It is such a ‘me’ piece that I cannot fathom words. Lets just say, if I were in elementary school right now I would still gravitate towards this jacket (I was a chic kid! Or more like tired to be!). I always had different tastes than my friends and now some of them are saying they like it! YES FINALLY. I give this jacket a 5 out of 5 for quality, style, and flexibility in styling. Literally the perfect fall coat!

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