A Review: Bath & Body Works Candles – Leaves

‘Leaves’ was the very first Bath & Body Works candle that I ever purchased. I only recently ventured into the world of candles and like always before diving head first into something, I did my research. I watched multiple Best of Bath & Body Works Candles on YouTube and finally stumbled upon Leaves. From other peoples descriptions I knew I would love it.

Contrary to the name, this scent does not resemble anything you can find just walking around hanging off of random branches. The scent is very warm and a little spicy from a pinch of cinnamon. It is defiantly not the sweet scents you find overpowering the stores nowadays. This scent is perfect for the fall and is a bit more mature than what I would expect from B&BW. While researching into this candle I found that they also have lotions and other products with this scent. When I actually purchased this candle I was contemplating purchasing a lotion to go with it. However, after getting a good whiff of the candle, I did not think it would be the best scent to be physically wearing on me, but that is just my opinion. Some people so say that this candle is true to its name by saying it smells like sweet fall leaves. I cannot say this is accurate because I never smelled sweet fall leaves before. I can, however, say it is my favourite fall scent of all time. Recently I did I review of ‘Holiday’, another B&BW candle. These two candles are personally my winter and fall go-tos. Both of these candles are not overpowering and sweet. They are more woodsy and a bit musky which I ultimately love when looking for a good candle.

Unfortunately, at my local Bath & Body Works they did not have the large 3-wick candles that I prefer, so I opted for Leaves in the smaller size. What I like about the Bath & Body Works packaging is that the glass containers are sturdy and have a weight to them. Sometimes if I am looking at candles and the packaging isn’t sturdy I would stray away because you will be lighting the candle and you do not want any accidents like tipping/breaking when you light it. I just like things sturdy and safe. I also like the simplicity they have in the designing. The plain glass is only interrupted with the matching label and elegant script. Great job,very clean.

This scent is absolutely amazing and I have to admit I light it every night for a little bit just to feel comfy enough to fall asleep. Great scent. 4.5 out of 5.

‘Leaves’ was my first B&BW candle that I ever loved although it took me a while to find it. Now I am in need of some more! If you have any favourite scents from anywhere send me a shout out in the comments below!

So that is everything for my Leaves candle review be sure to put some recommends down below, Follow, Like Subscribe and all that jazz! Love you!

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