Review: Sleek- Oh So Special Eyeshadow Palette

I am always watching YouTube videos online. I especially love watching beauty gurus such as Zoella, Pixiwoo and Tanya Burr. I love watching these videos because I enjoy seeing the different products and brands they have overseas that are not in Canada. One of the brands I knew I had to try is Sleek. I believe Sleek is more of a drugstore brand in the UK but if Sleek were to launch in Canada or the US, I think this brand will border drugstore and high end (like Philosophy products if you know what I mean?) I heard amazing things about this brand online and had to get my hands on some goodies. Sleek is not readily available in Canada or the US but can be shipped though the Sleek website linked here. The palette I have is called Oh So Special. On to the palette review!

I had high hopes for this product and I was kind of let down, but not too much. Overall the palette is great. At first glance there are a great number of shadows (a total of 12) in a good amount of shades. The pigmentation for this palette is alright, not the greatest but good. If you compare these shadows to something like Urban Decay Naked palettes, these are a bit flaky and not as creamy. There is no fallout with this product during application but if you look closely to some pictures below you can see the bits of product flaking off in the palette where I put my finger into it for swatching. The flaking is definitely more dominant in the shimmery shadows but I can also see it beginning in some mattes like the top cream one.

What I found when I swatched and applied these shadows was that they were less intense in colour as opposed to what they demonstrated in the palette. If you look at my swatches on my arm, the colours fade and are more washed out than the originals (some I had to re do a couple of times over to get enough colour). I was super excited to try the sparkly shades in this palette but I realized when I applied the shimmer was almost nonexistent. There is only a little bit of shine and when blended, it almost fully disappears. There is a really nice matte black in this palette that blends well and highly pigmented but there are also ones like the lightest beige that is almost not noticeable on my pale skin.

The pinks in this palette are not as pink as I expected. If you are looking for a really light colour to go in the inner corner of the eye, there is no go-to in this palette. I am very fair skinned so maybe this is why I couldn’t find a highlight shade. The shimmery ones were a bit to dark for my inner corners and brow bone. There were a few times I tired this palette where I had to start over because I tried getting that shimmer and sparkle to reflect and get my inner corner to lighten but it failed and it looked horrible. After testing some colours, I found it was better to use a light base colour over the whole lid (like the matte pinks or the honey one in the middle) then going in the crease and outer corner with the browns, shimmery colours on the upper right side. Then deepening that with the matte black. With a cat eye flick and mascara, the look is set. Just don’t go crazy trying to blend all the colours because it will turn into a muddy brown-ish colour that may look like someone has punched you in the eye. Beware.

The packaging is great for this palette, very sleek –haha get it? It is the name of the company? Okay. The packaging is a matte black with the Sleek logo in a gloss on the cover. I really like packaging like this because it reminds me of the Nars packaging and everyone knows that is ace.

Overall, Oh So Special isn’t the greatest palette but it isn’t the worst I have tired. The price is great, even with the currency change from different counties. If you are in a rush and only need a crease and base colour then this is a good palette for you. If you are used to very pigmented shadows and you want to layer then and blend them all nice together, this is not what I recommend. Personally, because I could not find a highlighting shade for my skin tone in this palette and the pigmentation is all over the place I would not repurchase it. However, I will try their other palettes. Maybe on darker skin tones the colours can be used as highlights. I do enjoy the matte shades (black is amazing) but I do not think the shimmery ones have a good enough pay off for me. The Oh So Special Palette gets 3.5 out of 5.

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