Happy New Years!

Hello Everyone! It is officially the New Year and everyone is soon to get back to busy, grumpy, unsatisfactory lives once again. This year will be different though. I always thought that if the world can be a better place it would already be as such by now. I realize now that you cannot judge whether the world is good or not because we do not know what pure evil or pure good is.

This year is bound to be a good one if we decide to make one. Start this year off by making someone (a stranger even) smile, do something to make some ones day, smile at other people (it is contagious you know), enjoy a day with friends, enjoy a day by your self, relax in a coffee shop with a coffee or tea, in a drive through pay for the person behind you, heck, do something that YOU love! DO GOOD! Do something that spreads holiday cheer all year round!

This year, as I said in my New Years Resolution post, I do not have a resolution myself but plan to be the best person I can be! I want to make people smile and to make people feel good about themselves. So get out into the world and SMILE! It is the least you can do after all!

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*live simply, love lightly, laugh loudly*

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