Boxing day and Christmas Haul

It is New Years Eve and this year I found that I was spoilt rotten and I cannot say that I do not like it. Today I thought I would share with you what I received for Christmas and Boxing Day. I know this post is quite a bit late but I had to wait to receive a couple of bits and bobs from some friends and relatives that I didn’t get to catch up with on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but it is almost a week past and if I post this any later and into the New Year it will then be irrelevant. So here are the presents I have received!

The biggest and main present I received was an IPhone 5c. The first phone I ever had was a Samsung Omnia (the very first one!) and I managed to keep the phone for my whole time in high school and into University. After almost 5 years with the same old broken phone my whole family and group of friends knew I needed a new one. I was able to get the White IPhone 5c as well as an Otter Box Commuters White case and screen protector. I am still not over how amazing this phone really is. It is a total 360 degrees from what I began with. The picture quality is amazing and the features fast and display clean and simple. I am guessing that a person with an Apple phone already wouldn’t notice much of a difference (especially since IOS 7 can just be downloaded) but this phone is amazing. It does not have the fingerprint lock as the IPhone 5s does but a new phone is a new phone and I am in love!

Since getting the phone for Christmas I did not expect any other treats on Christmas Day but was surprised with a wad of cash I could spend on Boxing day. This is where I went a little mental. I knew I wanted the Naked 3 Palette but unfortunately, they were all sold out everywhere I went. I did find a Tarte ‘The Best of Lash 4-Piece Deluxe Eye Set’. I did not have anything from Tarte but really wanted to try some products because they are paraben free and apparently great for your skin. I am really happy to try this out you can buy it here. Because I was incredibly sad and distraught about the Naked 3 I went to the only place that would make me happy. Zara. I went absolutely crazy at Zara because their deals were some of the best I have seen all year. I love Zara clothes and always make a wish list whenever I see something I like. At Zara I purchased many things I have wanted for a long time.  I purchased a Zara Jacket (below) that I have been in love with for months but it was too expensive to get during school time. This jacket is so much warmer that I thought and would be great in the winter. The outside looks a grey and black wool-like material and is a little fuzzy. The collar looks like a sheep and is so soft I can sleep in it. (Separate review soon) the next thing I purchased was a thin grey-cropped turtleneck sweater. When I was a kid I hated turtleneck sweaters because I thought it was so uncool. But now I absolutely love them. This thin sweater is perfect with high waisted jeans or skirts. It is girly but still keeps you warm. It is a prefect staple. The last thing I purchased from Zara is a fitted navy sweater. This sweater has such a nice design on it and the material is so lush. The collar on this particular sweater is quite high which was unusual but I did like it when I tried it on. At first, because I have such wide shoulders, I believed this would not look nice on my particular body shape, but I was wrong. Zara has changed my perspective of my shoulders. I now embrace them!

With some encouragement from my family I also purchased a Forever 21 Army Jacket. I love wearing army green and I could not help but get another jacket for next year. This jacket is great quality for Forever 21 and it even have a grey hood that would do well in the fall. The jacket was originally so boxy that I hated it at first. I then realized it had ties inside that cinch in at the waist. I know I will get use out of this later. The last thing I purchased for Forever 21 was for school. In school I tend to swear a lot of sweaters and crewnecks. It is what is most confortable and useful. I reached for a more fancy crewneck this year. This extra long grey sweater has a zipper going up the side that you can actually undo and show some leg, I thought this was so cute. It also has a stitched pattern of wings that ding into the fluffy material of the sweater. This sweater is so simple and creative and was a great price as well.

The next present I purchased myself after my final exam of first semester of University. It was the Topshop frilly socks. I put this in a stocking stuffer link here and really liked it. I also featured them in some previous OOTD posts I will link here. These socks are literall the cutest socks I ever owned. The material is quite thin but it is great quality for the price. I believe they are always on offer so get as much as you can. They look very nice with combat boots or high tops and are a great way to make an outfit a bit girlier. I also purchased a pair that has traditional Christmas Puddings on them. Now, I do not know what a Christmas Pud is but they are so cute! I am really happy that I was able to get them.

If you seen my Christmas Recap post here then you would know that I spent some time with some old school friends and we did a Secret Santa. I was lucky enough to receive money for something I have been really wanting. And that is another set of Real Technique Brushes. (Thanks Nichole!) I love Real Technique Brushes because they are so soft, work very well and wash easily. Samantha Chapman, of Pixiwoo on YouTube, created this lovely line of brushes and teaches you how to use them on the Real Techniques YouTube Channel here.

This was all I received so far for Christmas and if I have any stragglers I will repost or do something on instagram. You guys know what to do! Follow, Like, Comment, Share etc! Happy New Years Eve!

*live simply, love lightly, laugh loudly*

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