A Review: Bath & Body Works Candles- Holiday

*My apologies for this post being up later than expected. I think I had too much holiday dinner last night, oopsies*

I was always into candles since the beginning of my teen years and it only grew as I aged. It took ages but I finally ventured into the land of candles at Bath & Body Works. Fortunately for my wallet there was a 3 for $30 sale when I went so I was excited to purchase some goodies. Today I will be reviewing a Bath & Body Works Candle called Holiday. I really love candles all year round especially the winter and fall. I feel like a candle can complete a room in dark, cold winter nights. This candles’ name is perfect. One sniff of this candle and I was brought into the holiday spirit. This candle just brings back holiday memories that are somewhat nostalgic. The scent is quite warm and spicy. Normally for the holidays I love the smell of cinnamon. This has just that with a little bit of clove. On the Bath & Body Works websites it also says it has highlighted by fresh bergamot. I do not know what fresh bergamot is but oh boy do I love this candle.

Whenever I go purchase candles I tend to stray from super expensive sweet smelling candles. I am more likely to splurge on more woodsy scents like this one. I absolutely love this scent more that I imagined. I am now almost halfway though the 3-wick candle and am thinking of repurchasing.

The candle is put into a large glass container and has 3 wicks.  I love the 3-wick candles but if they are not on sale, they are not for me. White Barn candles are definitely my favorites by far.

So, if you are looking for a warm, spiced candle that makes remember the goodness of the holidays this one is perfect. Cinnamon and clove are the perfect combination in the candle, I will definitely repurchase. 4 out of 5

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