Boxing Day Musts/ Holiday Shopping Guide

Hello everyone and welcome back to another holiday post! Christmas is almost over and I have to admit, I haven’t finished my Christmas Shopping :s. I do know what I am going to get however because I made some awesome Gift Guides which can be seen down below! Seeing as some of you are not procrastinators like myself I thought this post would be handy for those going Boxing Day Shopping for extra gifts for those stragglers or for yourself! This would be a great guide if you do not know what to get yourself or someone you love for Christmas! I also decided to do this categorized by store. If you would like to see my TOPSHOP post like this one click here!

The first set is for American Apparel one of my favourite stores!

Untitled #110

American Apparel is quite pricey however; I love how it is sweatshop free! It makes up for some of the crazy prices. Since most pieces are crazy expensive, I stayed with the essentials that everyone must have.

I am officially in love with American Apparel Fisherman Sweaters. They are so versatile and are great for cold weather. This sweater is unisex and is in a variety of shades. You are bound to find one perfect for you. I have loved ribbed sweaters this season and this is officially the epitome of ribbed sweaters. A slight twist on this best seller is the Cropped Fisherman Sweater. I am in love!!! This looks great with high waisted pants/skirts or anything of that nature. Another sweater that I love is the Easy Sweater. Paired with the Easy Jean American Apparel also has, it is amazing. It is a slouchy oversized sweater (some can be reversible) that is great on lazy days and incredibly comfortable.

Moving on to bottoms, Circle skirts are a must! Worn in chilly weather with tights or thigh highs, circle skirts are a great essential. I love American Apparels Jean Circle Skirts because they are flattering on everyone. Knockoffs are great for those who want to trim prices but they are great.

The last product that is great to have in ones wardrobe is Easy Jeans. I love high waisted jeans because they tie together any outfit. In a variety of colours, washes and styles Easy Jeans are an amazing investment.

The next set is from Zara.

Untitled #108

I love Zara for essentials as well because of the crazy prices for a University student. This Zara jacket is amazing because of the extra soft collar. It is absolutely divine! I like having contrasting colours in jackets. This one is so chic and great to have for New Years. As I said in the American Apparel section above, Zara sweaters are so nice! They are all so soft and stylish that you cannot go wrong. Their ribbed sweaters are amazinggg! Something that has been on my list is the Zara Double Sided Tartan Plaid Scarf. I saw this in the shop and carried it around with me the entire time in the store. It was incredibly soft and heavenly. I need one!

Untitled #109

The last and final set is something non-fashion related and a tad more expensive. Something that is a great present for very close friends and relatives a Michael Kors Selma Bag. I had my eye on these since I say Selena Gomez and Miranda Kerr with them ages ago! Such a stylish bag that is so useful and versatile. Another amazing gift would be the newest NAKED 3 Palette. The packaging for this third installment is amazing because of the rose gold detailing. I have been dying to get my hands on this guy for ages. More technology-based gifts would include a Canon compact camera and the I Phone 5c. Both of these presents are amazing for a blogger like myself. The iPhone 5c is actually perfect. The quality is great although it does not have a fingerprint sensor like the 5s does but still a great buy! The camera is one of the best I have seen ever! The Canon Elph 330 is so small and compact it can easily fit in a pocket and used as a vlogging camera. It even can connect to wifi, making it just as easy to transfer photos and videos!

Welp, this is my Christmas list this Christmas! I hope this helps you purchase some goodies for yourself or loved one of Boxing Day etc. I thought I would put out this post a bit earlier for people to start looking into things earlier. I hope you like the different posts I have been dropping lately. Follow, Like, Comment! Do all those things and more on ALL my social media sites!

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