Favourite Christmas Reads and Songs!

The Christmas Spirit is now officially upon us! 5 days left can you believe it?! Soon enough it will be the New Year! Ahh I cannot fathom the words! So today I thought about having another ‘Get-to-know-me-slash-my-favourite-holiday-items-and-recommendations-sort-of-thing’ so lets go!

As I said in yesterdays Holiday Favourites post I love snuggling up with a good book and a warm beverage! And who can resist some holiday jingles? Today I will be showing you lot what I love to read, drink and listen to during the Christmas break hope you enjoy!

The Books!

I love reading. Give me any book that fits my mood and I will finish it by the end of the day. I love being able to read holiday books during Christmas break because I can finally relax and cozy up and get lost in someone else’s story. Here are a few books I love reading during this time of the year. But let me warn you, they all include LOVE! Don’t say I didn’t warn you; these are by no means YA novels.

The first book I will be recommending this holiday is ‘Simply Irresistible’ by Jill Shalvis. Jill Shalvis is an amazing writer; I especially love her holiday books and short stories! This particular novel is about a girl named Maddie who goes home to Lucky Harbor to claim her late mothers ramshackle of an inn with her two sisters. Recovering from heartbreak Maddie swears off men until she meets the hunk of the town Jax.  I absolutely adore this book and is great for the holidays. And who doesn’t want a cute holiday love story to curl up with?

If you are looking to read the first book that I mentioned then you might as well reach for this next one titled “Christmas in Lucky Harbor’ instead. This book includes the first two books in the Lucky Harbor series (The first book being Simply Irresistible, the second The Sweetest Thing) as well as two novellas.  Literally the best book combination ever! The stories are the cutest and I want to read them again until Christmas gets here. I have to admit that I used this book to procrastinate during my finals and I do not regret anything.

The next book is a historical romance, which I love this time of year called ‘A Wallflower Christmas’. This Holiday read is about how opposites in a relationship attract one another other, or in this case rowdy American, Rafe Bowman and polite English bird, Natalie Blandford. This book is literally so cute and even gets a little spicy if you know what I mean. This is a romance book so do not blame me for recommending a something a little naughty. I am just saying!

The next book is called ‘Rules To Catch A Devilish Duke’ written by Suzanne Enoch. I am actually starting this novel tonight so I do not know that much about it but look how sexy the cover is. You can just tell how amazing the book is going to be.

The last book is yet again another Jill Shalvis book but this time is a group of short stories. There are 3 short stories in this book that are so amazingly good I am reading them again. All three novellas have such relatable characters that I fall in love with. It always makes me want to have a special someone during the holidays but that is why I listen to One Direction and Adele playing non-stop.


If you do not listen to N’Sync’s Christmas album I do not know you. It is literally one of the best holiday tracks ever so how can you not?! In my house this is constantly on repeat because we love it so much! Other Holiday albums that I love are Michael Buble’s and Justin Beiber’s. Michael Buble literally has one of the best voices ever!!! And I hate to admit it but Bieber’s Christmas songs make me want to dance around my living room. Another group that I love to listen to during the holidays that some of you may not know is Celtic Thunder. Obviously an Irish group, these men sing like angels. I love looking back at Celtic Thunder’s older holiday songs because I love listening to Damian McGinty so much! You might have seen him make appearances on Glee after winning The Glee Project. He is so amazing; I think I can listen to him all day long (and he is easy on the eyes too!). Here are my favourites:

And just because I love him so much! This one:

Let me know if YOU have some recommendations for me this holiday! I really want to listen to Lady Antebellum’s holiday album but what else do you think will bring more holiday spirit? So I hope you guys like this post although it is quite different then my usual. Have a great Holiday/Christmas and have a Happy New Year!

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