Holiday Favourites!


I realized I haven’t done a monthly favourites post since the summer so I thought, ‘What better time to do one than right now!’ This will not be a bunch of products that I would normally do but rather a ‘Things I Enjoy about the Holidays’, I hope you all still enjoy this tidbit before Christmas! (Psst!… It is in 5 days!!!)

The number one thing I love about the Holidays is buying candles! I know it really should be spending time with the family but for me, Christmas is really a time to relax and leave my world of school, work and just get lost somewhere without ever having to leave my house. Having candles around when you are reading a good book or watching a holiday movie is great because it just sets a good mood and makes me want to roll up into a ball and hibernate for the winter. This year I purchased 3 Bath & Body Works 3 Wick candles that I love! The scents are absolutely amazing. There will be a review of them soon!

This could be the worst thing about the holidays for some but I love Christmas shopping. I know it can be stressful and tiring with crowds of people but this is why I do my shopping early. I love going to see the beautiful decorations and little quirks some stores do like have all the employees wear Santa Clause hats etc. It is legitimately so heartwarming to see little children looking into the toy store wishing for their perfect gift. Let me tell you, if you plan and go early Christmas shopping is so much fun.

Another thing I love about the holidays are hot drinks. The weather is brutal sometimes but a good dose of coffee, hot chocolate or tea will cure everything. Once it gets chilly I love going to Starbucks and checking out the holiday menu. If you have recommends on what I should get on my next visit let me know down below! I feel like hot drinks are one of the best parts of holidays because they make you feel amazing after a long day to warm up. I always say ‘tea makes everything better’ and it truly does! I am not just making a My Mad Fat Diary reference. It really does help.  J

My last and final thing that I love about the holidays is the absence of school and homework. I love this because it finally means I can pick up my favourite books again to read with a warm cup of tea. In my next holiday post tomorrow I will be sharing my favourite holiday books that I love to read during break.

As always, Like, comment, follow, and all that jazz! I love you all! Happy Holidays!

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