A Review: Soap & Glory SUGARCRUSH Body Buttercream

I freaking love Soap & Glory. That is it. End of review. We all know how much I love Soap & Glory so why be a broken record and repeat myself?

Just joking everyone! But from previous reviews, (here and here) you should know my love is out of this world for this brand.

I have been waiting for the SUGARCRUSH line to come to Canada for ages and this is it, it is finally here and I love it (quelle surprise)! When I was in the store I caught a glance of the Soap & Glory stand and noticed a different label and the ‘Sug’ of SUGARCRUSH so I did a scream for my sister and ran to check it out not hiding my excitement one bit. There were stares guys. Actual. Stares Of. Confusion.

Any whoo, I got the Body Buttercream and am very impressed. This product is quite different from their Righteous Butter mostly because of the consistency. The Righteous Butter is obviously a butter however, this product is a buttercream. It is lighter and reminds me of whipped cream! The smell is so fresh and clean. Like lime and yummy citrus. Does that even make sense? Just trust me when I say I want to bathe in a truckload of this ok. If you have this anywhere near you, get it. You will not be disappointed because not only does it smell nice but it works too. My hands feel so soft and lovely even though winter is starting to nip at my fingertips!

As always packaging is an A+. Secure and durable container with a great graphic design team there are no words! 5 out of 5 again for my babies.

Now, for those of you who haven’t tried any Soap & Glory products what are you waiting for? Go get some now so we can fangirl together! It is great for the holidays and i know they have gift sets available online and in certain stores that are amaze-balls! Haha let me know what are your favourite products down below! See you later alligators!

*live simply, love lightly, laugh loudly*


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