The Perfect Stocking Stuffer Guide!

The perfect stocking stuffer is always difficult to properly prepare especially for makeup and fashion lovers. Fortunately for you guys I made the perfect gift guide for The Perfect Stocking Stuffer!

I had the opportunity the other day to pop into TOPSHOP and picked up some Frilly Socks for the holidays and thought to myself, ‘These would make the perfect stocking stuffer!’ And low and behold, this post was created. What I love about these socks is that they remind me of elementary school when parents used to dress up their kids in uniform clothes and the girls would always have cute frilly socks. These socks are a bargain at 3 for $13 (or was it 6 for $13?). Either way they just look so cute. Who wouldn’t want these guys? I mean like really? I know when I was younger getting socks for Christmas was the absolute worst but now that I am older and realize there is actually a Sock Monster under my bed I will always cherish getting socks for any occasion. And come on, you have to love the cute frills! Just look at them! Review on these guys soon!

The key to the perfect stocking stuffer are travel sizes items that are both useful and in the cutest packaging possible. I went through my makeup collection and found gems that would be perfect in a stocking along with some cute candy canes and chocolate. Eyeliners, lip products and small palettes are amazing because they are already tiny and can fit anywhere.

Sometimes if I do not have time to find a massive present I love using stockings and putting little gems in them because I can really tailor them to the person. If my friend is a makeup lover, brush kits or little blushes are amazing. Usually when I am on a shopping trip I find the cutest travel size items like makeup remover and compacts. Absolutely perfect! I also love going into places like LUSH and getting little shimmer bars because they smell amazing and are about the size of my tiny palm, so perfect to fill a stocking.

Happy Holidays!

If a friend isn’t too keen on makeup or anything fashion related but still girly candles are the way to go. Sometimes these are tricky but I find that knowing about the person is great and very helpful in choosing a scent. Bath and Body Works candles come in a variety of sizes and can fit perfectly into a stocking. If you are having some trouble finding a good scent then ask a sales associate about the best sellers. You can never go wrong.

If you are buying for a guy friend then you should probably skip the makeup (unless he is into that, not judging) and maybe get something more manly. Gift sets like Polo Ralph Lauren are great and I know they have little samples bottles too that would be great. If your guy is also a joker than boxers or underwear would be hilarious. (Psst… TOPMAN has great boxers that have reindeer and Christmas trees on them! So cute!)

[There will be reviews on all of these products out soon if they are not out already 🙂 ]

So hope this helps you guys with last minutes ideas on The Perfect Stocking Stuffer, remember to tailor it to the person you are giving it to! You don’t need to have one giant present, sometimes little gems show how much you know and care for a person. Remember to like, comment, follow and all that jazz! Find me on all my other social media!






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