Topshop Fashion Gift Guide

Topshop Fashion Gift Guide
I am officially done with course work and almost done with exams so I thought I would put something festive up as I have been quite absent on here lately. I love the Holiday season and will be posting more festive things after my last exam so get excited!

As this is a fashion/beauty/my life blog I thought I would make a Holiday Gift Guide of some of my most wanted products from one of my most favourite stores TOPSHOP.
I am absolutely in love with TOPSHOP clothing right now, especially their holiday items. If you are trying to find a present for a fashion forward friend then here is your gift guide.
A holiday staple that everyone needs to have are Christmas/Holiday/Comfy sweaters. I have been watching a lot of YouTube videos lately and always see Zoe form Zoella in a pink quilted jumper. The cutest right? And an amazing gift because it can be worn tighter or baggy as Zoe does. I am also really into cropped jumpers especially with high waisted jeans, skirts etc. because they are one of the best staples to have and look foot with everything. Of course you also have to love holiday jumpers like this gingerbread man one. Seriously the cutest Christmas jumper I have ever seen. I love!
Skirts and dresses are great this holiday with tights and heeled boots, so in this gift guide I put in my favourite -the circle skirt. Everyone loves the TOPSHOP leather trim skater skirt because it looks amazing on EVERYONE! Velvet is also a great trend going around perfect for the holidays.
Jeans are essential for everyone and if you are going shopping for yourself you can never go wrong. Joni Jeans have been on my list for ages and I still haven’t gotten around to buy them. But if they are as good as the American Apparel ones I am already in love. They come in a variety of washes that can fit everyones tastes.
I love big chunky boots in the winter but sometimes I have to need to look a bit more girly and feminine. So along with my kickass boots I love wearing frilly socks. Frilly socks are a great gift and awesome stocking stuffer. They are also always on offer (easy to buy a friend too)! I chose my favourite styles and colours that look adorable peeking out of a chunky boot.
Beanies and scarves are a great gift because one size generally fits almost all. I have been looking at the American Apparel beanies for ages but I am in love with the TOPSHOP kind. Loving the ribbed style.
If you have a friend or family member that love statement shoes TOPSHOP boots are your thing! I always on my shopping list but again, I never got around to actually getting them. TOPSHOP does have my favourites though.
You cannot go wrong with a classic bag. TOPSHOP has done a great job with these dupes from bigger companies like Prada and MK. No sizes needed because they are perfect for everyone. I have been loving these styles.
Lastly, another stocking stuffer I love to recieve is makeup! Nail polish and lipstick are great for this season and are very inexpensive. You can choose your friends/family members favourite colour and they will always love it.
I hope I gave you lot hints on what to get your friends and family this Holiday or helped you with your Christmas/Boxing day shopping list. Make your own Gift Guides and share them with everyone. You never know,  these are great hints as to what YOU want for Christmas. There is nothing wrong with a nudge in the right direction. Love you all! Happy Holidays!
Let me know if you want me to do any other Gift Guides from other stores like AA, H&M etc.! Don’t forget to comment, like, and follow for updates!



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