The Fall Essentials

Fall is one of my favorite seasons. This season brings amazing autumnal colors like burgundy, maroons, neutrals and mustards as well as heart-warming scents like pumpkin pie and pine. The only reason why I would hate the fall is because of the start of school but out with the negative and in with this seasons fall fashions! Every year around this time I love going into malls to find great layering pieces that are great basics for chillier Canadian months. So, here are some of my Fall Essentials from a Canadian uni girl in her prime 🙂 *And sorry about the crap pictures school has killed me lmao*

The Jean

Great basics that people should have year round are good jeans. Any wash in any fit that suits you. I have no idea what I wore before skinny jeans but they are now an essential in my wardrobe forever! Before school started I went of a jean rampage. Dark wash, light wash, acid wash, printed, vintage, highwaisted, everything is amazing as long as you feel comfortable in it! I love wearing jeans because they are great in colder weather (with leggings underneath) and obviously can be worn with everything from comfy jumpers, peplums, tees and any other top possible. Quick and versatile is my new uni motto and jeans are definitely quick and versatile. Good jeans are essential no matter where you are.

The leggings

For the days jeans are too much or if you want a little mix up and more freedom for your legs, leggings are the next best thing. Thinner than jeans, leggings come in a greater variety of prints colours and styles. For fall I love wearing printed and leather look leggings. I own leggings in a tribal print and animal (cheetah maybe) and I wear them to death. They are also great for layering and are good transitional pieces between seasons. I also added sweats into this category purely because they are just as comfortable. I love to show my Canadian pride while wearing my Roots sweats because they say Canada on the bum! I bought it around the time of the Canadian Olympics and still love to show my pride now. Another one of my favourites to wear are my Adidas leggings. They have white stripes going down the side and I loveee them! And not because I found them on sale. Overall leggings are my life.

Long sleeves/ thermals

I love wearing long sleeves and thermals during fall and winter. For some reason I get really cold really quickly so bundling up is key. Then again halfway through the day I will end up stripping off all of my layers of I would die from the heat. Button ups are a good idea because they could be unbuttoned or taken off completely and tied around ones waist. I love the look of thermals especially in colder months I love the textures of the waffle knit and it keeps me toasty all day long in the cool Canadian months. If you live in colder countries be sure to have these in your closet- lifesaving!


I FREAKING LOVE SWEATERS! I have way too many of them but I can’t stop buying more. Fuzzy sweaters, patterned sweaters, embellished sweaters I love them all. Pullovers are my favourite by far as well as hoodies. Great colours and soooo comfy! I don’t know how anyone can live with the love of sweaters. Sweaters match with anything. I know I will be wearing my sweaters to death while in uni because it gets chilly downtown and I need to keep focused. SWEATERS, SWEATERS, SWEATERS I CAN’T GET ENOUGH.


Winter boots are a must especially in the Canadian snow and I have a variety. I love my combat boots, great transitional piece and very stylish. I love Uggs but my sister already has a pair of the original ones so when I saw a heeled and studded pair I had to get it! THEY ARE GOD DAMNED HEEL BOOTS BUT SOFT AND COZY ON THE INSIDE = HEAVENNNN!!! I get carried away I know. And lastly I bought a lovely pair of Doc Martens because they are love. I’ve always wanted a pair so when I received this for my birthday I knew I would wear the heck out of them during fall and winter to school.


Beanies are another must that keep your head warm so they don’t fall off. I love knit beanies because they are just so cute. So if you can pull off beanies they are life. I have a few I love to wear and sometimes I make my own to wear. They look great with leather jackets and add a bit of cuteness. Currently on my shopping list would be cream beanies because they cut the edginess out of leather jackets.


My basics are well my basics. Don’t get me wrong, they are kind of boring but with the right pieces they are great staples. So I have basic tank tops, in various colours and sizes as well as v-neck shirts. I love them because they are great pieces to have all year around and could be dressed up and down depending on the time. I love my basics and I would spend a little bit more money on great pieces because I want them to last. Basics are the best!

Leather jackets

*somehow the picture I took disappeared so my apologies!*

Leather jackets are my favorite part of the fall season. They are great layering pieces over sweaters and t-shirts and go with everything! Investing in a great leather jacket is a must because it will last forever. They are so durable and can be very warm if you get a good quality one.

Now that I expressed my love for fall fashion you can feel my pain too. Fall is great and as the weather gets a bit colder I can begin to post some fall OOTD’S so fingers crossed! I hope you liked this post and let me know if you want a winter one as well!

*live simply, love lightly, laugh loudly*


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