A Review: Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips in Nude

While researching about the Urban Decay Naked Palettes I came across this little guy, Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips in nude. Apparently it is said to be a dupe for one of the Naked Pallets. Being the broke girl I am, I wanted to try it out.

The packaging if too cute for words although I did expect it to be slightly bigger than it is in person. The packaging is a nude colour (hence the name) with a lace overlay on top. It comes with a double-ended foam applicator that no one ever uses but it is nice to know it comes with one. Whenever I use this I always complain about how there is no closing clasp. The top just flops back down and that is it. There is no satisfying click or magnetic closure just a flap. And I have to say it is kind of disappointing.

Now, on to the formula. I thought it would be better to be honest. By the look of it (being a Naked dupe) I thought the shadows would be creamy. They are not. They are rocks. I do not know if I purchased a really old one but when I touch it I practically have to scrape my brush on the pigments to find any colour. The strips of shadow are also so closely packed and thin that it is hard to select just one colour. I find that most of the colours are just too similar to each other that it doesn’t make a difference what colour you choose because they all look the same. They are also not the greatest in blending. I wish I could love this product so that I won’t need to purchase the Naked Palettes but my need still grows!

I did however read that if you use this dry it will give a softer look but I don’t like the product when wet either. With a thin damp brush I might use this as a liner but it will never beat the real thing.

Overall, the product isn’t the greatest and blends poorly. The packaging is cute but not really practical. If you are looking for a good Naked dupe I don’t think anything would beat the real deal. If you have any suggestions of Naked dupe please let me know! I would love to test them out. One of the best things about this product however, is that it is fragrant free and is very sensitive on the eyes. Usually my eyes get irritated if I go mad with makeup but not with this. I just wish they were not as hard and blended better. 2 out of 5.

*live simply, love lightly, laugh loudly*


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