I Am Heading to School…

Hey everyone, thank you to you all for following me this summer. I have been on WordPress for maybe less than 2 months and I am happy with where my blog is for my time being. In a couple of weeks I will be going to be in my first year of university! Me going to university means I cannot update everyday as I have been doing this month. It never crossed my mind to stop blogging so fear not, I am pleased to say I was actually productive with my time and made myself a schedule. When classes start the first week of September I will be posting every Tuesday and Friday. Because I got to make my own schedule I got to choose my days off. Tuesdays and Fridays are the days I chose so my official posts (reviews and music) and responses will be up accordingly (maybe with some extras on the weekends like OOTD’s). I am still going to be here putting up reviews and answering comments etc it will all just be spread out more than usual. Maybe if I have more time it would be increased to 3 posts per week but I will have to see with my workload from school. Over the course of less than 2 months I have grown accustomed to writing and would never stop for something like school. It just means I have to work harder! Thanks for the support everyone! Don’t unfollow, continue to like, comment and share will friends and family! I really appreciate you for sticking with me. Until next!

Arie Bea


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