Tune-y Tuesdays: Commuting Companion- Kings of Leon

Most likely known for their flaming sex and using somebody the American rock band, Kings of Leon, make my day on the subway that much more pleasant. The band originated in Talihina, Oklahoma where The Followill brothers- Nathan(drums, percussion, vocals), Caleb (vocals and rhythm guitar) and Jared (bass guitar)were raised on the road traveling from Pentecostal church- their father being a Pentecostal minister. Shattered by their parents divorce the brothers emerged themselves into the land of illicit substances while jamming out gothic-southern-garage-y band like tunes.

The Followill brother, along with their cousin, Matthew Followill (lead guitar), took themselves to Nashville hoping to breaking in to the music business. The family band, was named after their father.Their first release came as an LP titled Youth and Young Manhood in 2003. Sales were not well in America compared to that in the UK who soaked up the Followill’s retro, southern vibe. Their next release in 2005 was titled Aha Shake Heartbreak which has one of the most unique album art ever! Their next, titled Because of the Times-which is one of my favourite albums to date. Highly anticipated, the Kings broke out onto the charts with their 2008 release of Only by the Night with hits such as, Use Somebody and Sex on Fire. The fifth album came out in 2010 titled Come Around Sundown which had a beachy feel -not related to anything like the Beach Boys. After some rough times and a short 6 month hiatus the band releases their latest album titled Mechanical Bull September 24, 2013 with amazing tunes like Supersoaker and Wait For Me.

The reason why I titled this Commuting Companion is because my urge or need to listen to these guys whilst on the bus or subway. I don’t know why but I find their music fits right into a traveling mood and I am sure if you guys give it a chance you will see it too! These guys will be the first on my playlist if I were to ever go on a roadtrip that is for sure! I fell in love these KOL’s sound. Maybe it is just me but I love me a splash of country now and again so KOL is right up my alley. Their retro-chic/southern mixed with amazing rhythms and beats that are perfect for any mood. I even think I hearn in an interview that they play their songs all live when they record and in one of their takes you can hear the faint sound of the crack of a billiard game. Truly amazing band. So excited for the release this fall!

Favourite Tunes from each album:

Youth and Young Manhood

  • Trani
  • California Waiting
  • Dusty

Aha Shake Heartbreak

  • Slow Night, So Long
  • Bucket
  • Milk

Because of the Times

  • Charmer
  • On Call
  • My Party
  • True Love Way
  • Camaro

Only by the Night

  • Crawl
  • Sex on Fire
  • Use Somebody
  • Revelry (I love it so much I named a page after it!)
  • Notion
  • Be Somebody

Come Around Sundown

  • The End
  • Mary
  • Immortals
  • Beach Side
  • Birthday
  • Pick Up Truck

With the track listing for Mechanical Bull I know I will love this entire album to death. I know I will enjoy jamming to these songs this fall during my commute to uni. So, if you haven’t been listening to these boys what have you been waiting for? Be sure to go check out some of their things. Website here.

Wait for Me: 



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