#OOTD 19/08/13

Top: Nella Fantasia Crop Top

Bag: Navy Le Pliage Longchamp

Skirt: AA Chiffon Double Layered Skirt

Shoes: Ash Woman’s Classics Toms

Bralette: (under Sparkle and Fade)

Icecream: Nestle Drumstick Caramel

Canada’s weather is crazy. Last week it was the beginning of Fall, where warm sweaters started making an appearance. Now it is back to shorts and skirts as the temperature rises back up for our last chance at Summer. Because of the blast of heat I chose this summers outfit out for ice cream with the family! Yay!

Navy Longchamp

As my crop top had decorative holes on it i decided to wear my favourite and only bralette underneath. It is from the brand Sparkle and Fade and is made of imitation jean material (rayon, polyester and spandex with jean print on it) and super soft. I thought i would also include this picture of it above.

Yummy yummy ice creams!!

Let me know what YOU are doing to take advantage of the last weeks of summer?

What are you excited about in the fall season?

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*live simply, love lightly, laugh loudly*


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